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Goldscalpel wrote:Was it on the circuit board? Or one of the three buttons below digital readout?

Let us know how your R24 is working for you.
It's on the actual circuit board. If you contact Reiss he will talk you through the process over FaceTime, probably takes about 2mins to actually do it.

I am really enjoying my R24, it's a joy to use and the family are certainly enjoying the output!

How are you finding yours?


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Goldscalpel wrote:The Hay's Valley was as good as it looked!

My Ceado is a new acquisition. It is a little inconsistent now but when my shots are on, it can rival the Flat. I have only run a few ponds through and I know it will take sometime for me to break it in. I am planning to keep both. I will most likely take the Ceado to work with to match with my old Mini Vivaldi.
Interesting and thanks! I have a Ceado E37sd paired with a Pro 800. It is an amazingly consistent grinder but you have to put a lot of beans through it to break in its enormous burrs. Congrats on the L24. Looking forward to hearing more from you about this machine.

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Benjamin8732 wrote:I can confirm that the timer in the app is there and is working! The app also alerts you if the water level in the tank is low!

One tip though, If you have trouble connecting the machine to Wifi you will need to reach out to Reiss to assist you with re-setting the electronics board which can be done with a quick press of a button. Apparently the machines in the first batch were not disconnecting from the test units at the factory.

I actually talked to Reiss last night. Didn't realize you had to swipe from the left to get to the automation screen.


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I forgot to mention this but the R24 is an incredibly quiet machine.


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Here is a pull paired with the Ceado SD. I am getting much better consistent results. I used a local coffee Quills Blacksmith Espresso.
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Hopefully mine will be delivered tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


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Hopefully mine gets shipped this week :mrgreen:
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For anyone who got the R24, did you have any issue with the anti vac valve leaking? They have sent 2-3 out in addition to the one that came on the machine and all have leaked. Now they are sending 3 more hoping that one in the batch doesn't leak. If I press down on it to release steam it will stop leaking for about 10-15 minutes and then start again.

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I had the same issue. Reiss says machines got a bad batch.. email him and he will send you a replacement


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UFGators wrote: I had the same issue. Reiss says machines got a bad batch.. email him and he will send you a replacement
They have already sent 2 or 3. They are sending 3 more to hopefully get a good one