Londinium R - no cup warmer, no problem

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#1: Post by airmoses83 »

Always bothered me that my LR didnt have sides on the top to prevent cups falling off the top. So I made this with some leftover dark walnut I had. I attached it to the top using magnets so I didnt have to drill holes thru the top.

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#2: Post by marcism »

Awesome solution! Looks fantastic too. Got a shot of the magnets?

airmoses83 (original poster)

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I biscuit joined the corners and used a high heat epoxy to join them


#4: Post by Ad-85 »

Great mod and looks beautiful too.
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#5: Post by Almico »

Nice! I've been keeping 3-4 cups on top of my L1 for 4 years and haven't lost one yet. I thought about putting some bar magnets along the top edge, but haven't found the need yet.


#6: Post by LObin »

Escellent woodwork!

Blends in perfectly.

Well done!
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#7: Post by GregoryJ »

It looks like that Niche Zero has had some work done on it too!

airmoses83 (original poster)

#8: Post by airmoses83 (original poster) »

It has I purchased the St Anthony knock box insert and used some dark walnut to make a single base, helps clean up my counter i hate clutter