Londinium R group seal?

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I love owning my LR. The support is great and it's obviously a fantastic machine. My only issue living in the states is sourcing some parts while trying to avoid the staggering shipping charges. It uses an e-61 shower screen but unfortunately the group seal isn't as easy to find especially when you want to go silicone. Any US owners have any luck? I tried the cafelat 8mm through Amazon but that was huge. No dice getting the portafiler on.
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Cafelat makes a silicone gasket called Modern Lever Group Group Gasket
https://www.espressoparts.com/products ... ever-group
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You didn't say what was wrong with the gasket you purchased. But if it was too snug to allow the portafilter to lock in place, the portafilter gasket is most likely 66mm x 56mm x 6mm. That's the size that Cafelat sends in their seal kit for modern levers.

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I'm using the Cafelat referenced above, bought directly from them. It's been great since last October.

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Thanks guys! Oh goodness. I'm embarrassed I totally forgot about espressoparts even though I just bought cafelat piston seals. Not to mention I live in the same state as espressoparts. To answer the other question below, I had just upgraded my shower screen to the E&B labs e-61 and noticed my original rubber group seal was not quite as pliable. Since the shower screen is an e-61 I incorrectly assumed the cafelat 8mm red silicone gasket would work too. Nope. Not even close. Thanks again for the prompt responses. Is anyone else using the E&B labs screen with the IMS nanotech basket? I'm a bit on the fence so far with my extractions.
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Just an FYI, if you need piston gaskets, Bosco seals work well and you can get them through Cafe Lusso.
https://caffelusso.com/product/bosco-es ... ine-parts/

I couldn't get the Cafelat piston seals to work right with my L1. The Boscos have some pliability, making them relatively easy to install, but are a little more sturdy and seem more durable. For the shower screen gasket, I use the Cafelat gasket referenced above.

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Interesting. The cafelat piston seals I just put on a week ago seem to be okay so far. They aren't perfectly quiet which is a bit of a surprise but they were an absolute dream to install compared to the londinium seals. Are the bosco seals silicone?
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Yes, they are silicone. From what I recall the ones Bosco uses is firmer than the Cafelat ones. I cannot say what the durability comparison would be but JohnB has had his seals for years now and mine are approaching 3 years without any issue. I intend to use Cafelat piston seals for my Pavoni P67 when I manage to it back together.
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