Anyone using Londinium no-lube piston seals?

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#1: Post by pizzaman383 »

Is anyone using them? Are they worth the $70 for the seals plus shipping?
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#2: Post by daveyb »

I am not really sure what they bring to the table? Is it that onerous to lube and grease every now and then? Perhaps I do not understand the concept properly.

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#3: Post by CoffeeMac »

Main benefit appears to be not having to line the inside of the cylinder with grease when servicing/replacing the piston rings. Excess grease can migrate down into screen and clog things up. Easy enough to avoid by carefully removing any excess before replacing screen. However at the factory they tend to over-apply grease often leading to out-of-the-box headaches with clogged screens.

I have a spare set of the original seals that I'll use when it's time to replace them, after that I'lly probably go with the greaseless ones.

Note that the original piston seal / maintenance kit wasn't especially inexpensive...
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#4: Post by mathof »

pizzaman383 wrote:Is anyone using them? Are they worth the $70 for the seals plus shipping?
Reiss says on the Londinium forum that at the moment he is having the seals machined individually and is selling them at cost. He's ordered dies to be made so they can be manufactured in bulk, but those won't arrive before 2023. If you want the seals at a better price, you'll need to wait. In my case, it will be some time before the OEM seals that I recently installed will need replacing anyway.


#5: Post by daveyb »

Many thanks for enlightening me!


#6: Post by daveyb »

Is anyone using, with success, the Cafelat type seals? I put some in when I had my L1 and I found the bite point all over the place. I replaced them quickly with aftermarket seals and the piston settled down again instantly


#7: Post by harris »

I've been using the no-lube seals for over a month of 4-5 daily pulls, they work great. Durability is an unanswered question but one that I'm not terribly concerned about. A grease free experience is worth the price to me and I do anticipate prices coming down slightly when in full production. No inside knowledge just a happy customer.