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No when pulling a espresso you hear the group or how do you call the lever making a hard singing noice .

My Strega was always silent, in 2 years I have never had 2 weeks not even a week without trouble with the Londinium

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I'm going to guess perhaps your group spring is rubbing against the cylinder wall.

Maybe you could post a video/clip of the noise.

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youssef1988 wrote:Having a Londinium LR 24 for about 1,5 years now, since the beginning it had a lot problems. Right after receiving it, it had the wrong motherboard in it ... shortly after I got a new motherboard shipped which i had to install. Thereafter another part caused issues which had to be replaced. Now for like 5/6 months trying the no grease seals, after cleaning on different methods still hiccups .. or noises from the group. Really feels like a big disappointment :(

Not getting any solution or replies from reiss. Anyone else has experience with this? Could it be a fault in the group?
Could you say more about it having a "wrong motherboard"? Was it faulty, or did you receive a unit which wouldn't work because it was manufactured incorrectly? That's terrifying!