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Hey y'all -

I've been considering trading in my LR24 in the name of scratching my upgrade itch and exploring the Decent's turbo profiles (extractamundos dos and turbobloom). Have been finding that the shots my Londinium gives are a bit too syrupy/jammy for my liking, even with a clarity focused grinder like the P100.

Before I potentially make a decision I regret, do y'all have any experience with getting good results on the Londinium for turbo shots? I've been using the following guideline:

1:3 sprover ratio (18g in, 54g out)
Light roast - 6 bar of PI, 3s before first drops, aim for 16-20s after first drops

Frustratingly, it yeets too much and ends up getting all over the portafilter and ends up all over my table.

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I'd lower the PI pressure rather significantly and adjust the grind as necessary to keep the same extraction time or even a bit faster. The flow will be fast and perhaps ugly but shouldn't really be messy.

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Previous attempts sounded successful:
Turbo shots with Londiniums and 6 bar PI
similar to your recipe. I'd agree to lowering the PI pressure regardless. & without rummaging through everything, isn't the realized pressure from a LR24's spring closer to 6 bar anyway? The Vectis measured lower like that.

Considering that the beginning of turbo shots were (IIRC) the EK43 Coffee Shots that were extremely high volume and loooong ratios, you might try dropping the lever and running a very long low pressure PI (like, 1.5bar) before releasing to use the spring to complete the fast extraction. In this, I'm thinking of the 'blooming' talk going on as well as using a Fellini to increase shot volume. The long, low pressure PI pseudo-bloom might increase body, and I'm not sure if that longer time will start to extract undesirables, but I've found that technique to be helpful in sweetening lighter roasts for more typical (finely ground) shots.

Might also find value in these two threads about controlling preinfusion and pressure with spring levers. On the second, I found the complicated lever maneuvers were more play than benefit.

Curious to know what you find.
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Thanks for the well-thought-out response! I did some testing over the last few weeks and have found that I might be trying to fit a circular peg into a square hole. I picked up a Flair 58 for my modern espresso shots and will use the Londinium for those traditional lever profiles.

Essentially - results felt the same as you where it was more play than benefit. I did find the best-tasting "modern" shots on the LR24 to be fast 2-3s PI at 2 bars, and aiming for a 13-15s total shot time with a 1:3 ratio. However, it still had that noticeable lever signature that gives it a ton of body and sacrifices clarity.

If anyone searches for this in the future, feel free to contact me, happy to discuss my findings further.