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What ever happened to the entry level lever Londinium was supposed to come out with what seems like years ago now

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What's known is in this thread: Londinium Compact.


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The original plans started in October 2017. Now, I do not know what could possibly be causing such a delay. Of course, Londinium do not manufacture anything. They do not design or build. Fracino does everything for them. Many many excuses have come out. The last big delay was Coronavirus preventing the Foundry from casting the groups. Then it was larger companies jumping ahead in the queue. Then in January we were all set to go, with the only delay being Fracino needing to manufacture the case.
What we do know, is the claim that even though there is not one in existence yet, it is more temperature stable than a Cremina, or so it is claimed. February was supposed to see the prototype arrive for testing, so unless it is all one big secret then it is hard to know what the state of play is. I wonder if this is an extremely clever play at reverse marketing!


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The Vectis? Reiss has been updating on the Londinium forum if you have access. Nutshell; COVID slowed them down, all systems full steam ahead now.

Sample machines are being built and tested.

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I havent been in the londinium forums in a ling time. Only when i need help troubleshooting my R. Ill have to check it out. Thanks


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I've never heard the Vectis referred to as an entry level lever before. What is it about this machine that would make it suited to a beginner? With its smaller thermal mass, I would think it would be more challenging to use than the larger Londinium models.

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Feom a price perspective as compred to the R

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My understanding is that they're designing a machine with capabilities similar to a Cremina, simple and durable, at a fraction of the price, under $1,500.