Londinium Compressa pressurestat vs LR24

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#1: Post by samsonpvr »

Does the Compressa still use the Sirai pstat? It seems like that was replaced on the LR24 lending to quieter operation.


#2: Post by LObin »

Sirai 30 amp. Only the R24 works with the transitor. See discussion here:
Londinium LR24 Thermistor

Sirai noise in my L1 is very minimal. Definitely not a purchase factor for me.

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#3: Post by cskorton »

I have LR from 2017, and the pstat clicking doesn't bother me at all. What does bother me is the pump noise, which has been fixed on the R24. I'd either have to plumb it in, or get another machine. Certainly not a deal breaker though.


#4: Post by emradguy »

Pstat on the Compressa doesn't bother me either. The machine is otherwise pretty much silent, and makes any machine with a pump sound like you've got a train running through your house.

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#5: Post by CoffeeMac » replying to emradguy »

Eventually you will end up with a lever.

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#6: Post by retireddude »

Useful little thread for me. I've been weighing the pros/cons a Compressa vs Profitec Pro 800, and the p-stat noise is one of the things I've been a little bit concerned about.

samsonpvr (original poster)

#7: Post by samsonpvr (original poster) »

I was ready to pull the trigger on the Compressa. One of the things I like about it is the quiet operation. How often does the PSTAT click? Is it loud?

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#8: Post by retireddude » replying to samsonpvr »

I don't have a compressa, but have been heavily researching it. From what I gather, it clicks roughly every minute or so, as it cycles the heating element on and off to maintain pressure in the boiler, and most people aren't bothered by it, however, some find it annoying. The analogy I heard was "would a grandfather clock that ticked once every minute instead of once a second annoy you?"

samsonpvr (original poster)

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Good analogy. The Compressa checks so many boxes for me and at a tidy price point too. The LR24 is nice, but I prefer to plumb and likely won't make much use of the app. However, would I pay an extra $1000 to get the grandfather clock that didn't tick at all? Maybe? What other machines are you looking at?

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#10: Post by retireddude » replying to samsonpvr »

I started out looking at the Compressa, the Profitec Pro 800, and the Quick Mill Achille. Londinium Compressa vs Profitec Pro 800 or Quick Mill Achille But, I quickly moved to just the Compressa and Pro 800. I'm going to plumb it in, so, apart from the p-stat no great reason to look at the R24. I'm leaning heavily toward the Compressa, but I honestly believe I'd be happy with either one. There's something about the Londinium levers though. Very cool machines.