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#311: Post by Amberale »

1 : who knows?
2 : on the ACS Vostok(and soon EVO), the Nurri and the VDK there is a pressure release.

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#312: Post by GregoryJ »

A video was posted to Reddit recently with a brief look at the machine:


#313: Post by bgn »

So, no PID. Does it manage temp by using a massive group as a heat sink, like my dipper Cimbali spring lever?

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#314: Post by espressotime »

The GTA6 of espressomachines .


#315: Post by pcdawson »

GregoryJ wrote:A video was posted to Reddit recently with a brief look at the machine:
I was captivated.........until the end when I realized
that the boiler cap is the entire top of the machine. That seems kind of cumbersome to me. I think it also takes away visually from the Vectis which is quite beautiful. Why not put a screw on cap like the Cremina? Interesting machine at many levels, though.

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#316: Post by retireddude »

In the Londinium community forums I think I remember reading that a visible screw-on boiler cap is exactly what they were trying to avoid (safety and aesthetics) going instead with a clean look on top with the cover in place.


#317: Post by Jonk »

How does that boiler fill work? Sealed with a spring and gasket that you push down with the funnel? If so, that seems like a nice convenience.. until the whole top has to be removed. Perhaps just leave it off?


#318: Post by pcdawson »

I agree - it's a neat idea. But small machines are often appealing because of a lack of counter space. Every time you fill the Vectis you have to find a place to lay down something that approximates the size of a drip tray - not to mention increasing the likelihood of scratching it. I think I'd just leave it off the machine - I really like the look of the machine with its lid off.

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#319: Post by retireddude »

I hadn't thought about the space constraint issue, that's true, it may be useful to leave it off in those situations.

In my planned usage, I'm a little space restricted, but more weight restricted. I'll be moving it from a summer cottage a couple times a year and my back isn't what it used to be, so I've been looking for a lever machine that is relatively light, not crazy expensive, and has the capabilities I'm looking for. I have an Argos on pre-order too. Planning on getting both and deciding which one works best in my use case.

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#320: Post by spressomon »

Looks like a 'solution in search of a problem' (the lid dealio).
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