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baldheadracing wrote: then one might want to channel one's inner Dritan Alsela and perhaps ghost-ride the steam wand.
"Ghostride the whip..Ghostride the whip"


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Even having owned dual boilers I've never been in a rush to steam that I've done it mid shot.

It's just nice not having to wait or have it effect brew temps as the boilers are separate

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mikel wrote:"Ghostride the whip..Ghostride the whip"
Thanks for the reminder of stoopid sh*t I did when I was a teenager :oops:.
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Just wanted to share my thought process in my machine selection in case it is helpful for anyone here. I was very strongly set on getting the Vectis when it came out, but ended up buying a used original L1 for probably 2-3 hundred dollars more than the Vectis would be after duties and shipping costs. For a commercial and more temp stable group, auto filling boiler, hot water tap, bigger drip tray it was worth a bit more in cost and some risk in buying used. For those with space constraints or not willing to take on the risk of buying used, the Vectis would be the better way to go.
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Hi all.

So a new video dropped on Instagram today, to which I made a comment

Didn't go down with reiss too well, to which point he accused me of being a hater, getting my acs for cost and leaking information from him.

None of which is true, he's now blocked me, cleaned the thread and put up a reply, tagged me knowing full well I can't respond.

What he says is a bare face lie, you can go back, read my all my posts on here and see it's not true.

The actual story is I bought a brand new lr24 and returned the machine as I was not happy with it, it is then he banned me, I still had my l1 which I set about refurbing, buying from him.

I try to stay as impartial as I can, and like I said to reiss I keep copies of all my correspondence, he's mentioned this forum and by banning and blanking me I have no where else to speak, but I will not have lies spread about me to benefit his narrative.


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I saw that. He wen't for you hard :shock:

Reiss is a funny character. Super helpful for the most part but certainly has his quirks might be a polite way of putting it.

I didn't think your question was anything but completely innocuous but hey ho.


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Ah well

I just don't appreciate the lie to make me look bad, as people will take him at his word.

Baring in mind I got banned off the londinuim forum in July 21. ...whilst owning an l1.

As I've said multiple times, any new lever to the market will progress lever nuttery and the lever market which is a plus.

But from now on I won't champion him or his product, and if some one wants info of my experience of londinuim levers which I've owned and my current machine. I won't give it.

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I had similar experiences with Reiss. If his products made it out of the factory quality control people with a proper product then he was responsive to your needs. If you got a product that was subpar then he would delete posts and eventually ban you.; he is not a nice person.
I had an early L1 that had burned switch problems and could have led to fires with the melted connectors. I measured the current draw through the switch and found it was underrated for the current going through it, and the rTings were stamped on the side of the switch. I changed it by myself (electrical engineering background) and moved on. I eventually bought an L1-p (the big commercial model) and loved everything about it EXCEPT the piston/spring rubbing on the cylinder wall of the group. After much moving of the piston on the spring i got the group to quit the rubbing noise but in the process I found gouges in the group piston wall liner! Reiss would not send me a new liner or take the group back for replacement or refitting. I finally sourced the parts and changed the liner myself.
Once I got the machine running as well as possible without rubbing or gouges to scuff the piston seals I sold it because I was tired of dealing with Reiss. I also needed shoulder surgery so when I sold the big lever machine I went to Slayer for my espresso needs.
I miss the lever but would never purchase anything from Reiss again. He once told me that before getting into the espresso machine business that he was a Barrister (lawyer) and judging by his business model it does not surprise me.
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What was your comment?


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Would it be worth asking them to put a one way valve in the filling neck, when he inserted the funnel steam came out, and secondly will it need a cooling flush

His reply..

If we need your advice we'll call, merry Xmas expert