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#211: Post by bgn »

If it is shipping before I get my Argos, I may be ordering one.


#212: Post by maeitn »

Really looking forward to this machine hitting the market. But, I must say, the optics disappoint me a bit. It is a pure thing of preference, but the proportions of body vs. drip tray on the rendering had me expect something else. Proportion-wise it looks to me more like a Ponte Vecchio Export now, was expecting something more similar to the Cremina.

Still intrigued by the machine, but the immediate "need to have this" is actually lower than I feared for myself. Let's see for how long I can resist Vectis and Argos :lol:


#213: Post by Cuprajake »

dont mention Cremina to londinium, he doesnt seem to like it, if you read his instagram page - the teaserless teasers - he gets quite animated with his replies, some what sarcy.

im with you on the looks that lid just looks so out of place imo,

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#214: Post by pizzaman383 »

I think that all the Londiniums are function before form.
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#215: Post by pcdawson »

What's his issue with Creminas?

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#216: Post by baldheadracing replying to pcdawson »

In the comments that I've read, he has no issues with Creminas - he used to sell Creminas after all. He may not be suffering fools who don't understand the difference in physics between the Vectis' 58mm spring lever and the Cremina '67's 49mm direct lever, though.
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#217: Post by Cuprajake »

Alot of questions seem to be directed that way,


#218: Post by DonFelipe »

Any mention or estimation when will be available for sale?

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#219: Post by baldheadracing replying to DonFelipe »

Possibly the first few machines in December if everything lines up.
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#220: Post by mathof replying to baldheadracing »

He has said, however, that if initial demand for the Vectis is great, he will prioritise early purchasers of Londiniums (as their leap of faith allowed his business to get established in the first place).