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#141: Post by clarendon »

Likewise. Still waiting patiently... hopefully in 2022


#142: Post by bas » replying to clarendon »

That's what I thought in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021... :wink:

But I believe 2022 will be the year. Finally. And I am sure it will be a good machine. As Reiss knows how to build great levers for sure.

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#143: Post by TigerStripes »

I've given up hope of this machine appearing within a decade - so that I can be pleasantly surprised when it shows up in 3 years. :lol:
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#144: Post by pizzaman383 »

The Londinium Compact will be called the Vectis. The foundry is supposed to send the test group parts to Reiss in January.
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#145: Post by djdriver »

Reiss posted a recent update on the Londinium forums and per my read of it, hopes to have a working prototype within a few months if (big if) the foundry supplying some critical parts delivers on current promises.


#146: Post by vikingboy »

very glad to see this is moving forwards


#147: Post by Steveholt »

I'm still living in hope or suspense for a simple machine that pulls 3 or 4 90% good espresso from light roasts in a session and delivers this in a low maintainance package.

I've been waiting a fair few years now.


#148: Post by davidhunternyc »

I'm sure you all saw this photo. It's a tease but it's something. It looks stunning.


#149: Post by Antonee »

Thanks for sharing the pic, I hadn't seen it. Was it posted on the private Londinium forum? Exciting times! Hopefully we'll get it by the end of the year... One can hope, right?

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#150: Post by harris »

So much for keeping it private and not sharing as Reiss had asked... Oh well.