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Ha! Same seller as my new 2nd hand Lusso! A fine Cremina!
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Hi All,
I'm a new convert to taking coffee seriously at home. I've had in the past a couple of cheap De Longhi 'coffee making machines' but have worn them out. I've loved the look of the LP's and Elektras for ages and when I saw a virtually unused 2015 Europiccola for sale at half the usual price I snapped it up just before Christmas. I'm the only coffee drinker in the household so had no need of a lot of capacity for making coffees. The EP was completely stock but I've since added a gauge to the sight glass and may add a PPK at some point. A bottomless PF is inbound. Because 90% of the time I'm just pulling shots for me I've not seen any of the overheating issues in fact to get the GH upto temp I've usually got to run some of the water through it especially first thing in the morning because I'm too impatient to wait the proper amount of time.

A spending spree ensued once the EP arrived as my el cheapo blade grinder (yes, I know!) wasn't going to cut it(!) for the EP. In fact, I don't think I've done too bad with the learning curve of the EP especially once I added a Rancilio Rocky for grinding duties. I've not had that many dodgy drinks out of it and have had quite a few very good ones.

Promptly discovered the relevance of issues of retention and may at some point move the Rocky on, although I've got some bellows and a 3D printed chute on order. I've modded the anti popcorn widget to stop beans collecting in the screw holes by using spacers and longer (25mm) bolts in place of the stock ones.
Not a lever per se but I bought an Handspresso many years ago. Unfortunately I went for the ESE only version for convenience and as it's pre 2015 it can't use ground coffee. Still when away it's infinitely better than a lot of what passes for coffee!
Away from coffee I'm a guitar and keyboard player with a passion for modular synths.
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My journey to the lever started out with an ACS Vesuvius machine which was my first Espresso machine. I used it for a few years before becoming smitten with the idea of a small lever. I briefly considered a Europicollo because at the time there were very few used Creminas available. I had never seen a Cremina in person or used a manual machine. I finally found someone in my area selling their deceased father's old Cremina 67. I rushed over and found a nearly new condition 1986 Cremina. I brought it home and descaled and rebuilt the machine and in the process learned a lot about the machine and how it works. Once I started using the machine I ended up pulling a grand total of 3 shots with my Vesuvius in the following month or so and it was an easy decision to sell the Vesuvius. About a year later, I ended up purchasing a Cremina SL too which is now my primary machine.
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Good move and welcome to the club where coffee aficionados have discovered the virtues of small and simple over large and complex.

Maybe one day you might get around to posting in the lever forum your impressions of the shot differences between the direct and spring lever Creminas. Given there are things you can do each machine that you can't do (at least easily) on the other, then having both must be great.
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Requesting a LMWDP # - got into espresso jumping straight into the deep end (I thought) with a $200 Saeco with a pressurized portafilter. Some minor modding later, I decided to get serious and in 2012 gifted myself a Rocket Giotto. Great machine. Became interested in levers with the release of the Flair and got one. Levers can pull some amazing shots! But the Flair was a bit too much of a process for me so into the back of the cupboard. Got COVID retired in 2019, decided to quite chasing money, bought a camper and as the 60 pound Giotto was not camper friendly, pulled the Flair out again. Pulled great shots for a year but I like milk drinks so got a GCP. Been using it for a year but the shots never really were as good as from the Flair or Rocket. Finally decided to go all in, ordered an Argos, but in my enthusiasm decided I didn't want to wait a year for my lever so picked up a used LPE until the Argos shows up. Plus, bragging rights for being a part of history. Looking forward to my LMWDP #!