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Thanks doc :)
Oh that is just a black electrical tape as a temporary fix while i wait for the delivery of the retaining clip tool i have just bought.
P.s - i also have a classic flair that was out of that pic


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FotonDrv wrote:What shiny new lever did you purchase?
Have an odyssey Argos on order.

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be sure a Post your results with that machine.
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Just joined the ranks! Got a black PV Export, going through the learning curve and loving it so far.
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Hello Lever Crew,

I have owned a Zacconi Riviera for a couple months and have a Argos on order (ordered before purchasing Riviera). So far this has been a full on science experiment, lots of variables to play with! The Lagom P64 has been a large improvement over my Baratza Virtuoso, currently using the stock high uniformity burrs, but also have SSP multipurpose (new, unused). Looking forward to more experimenting and learning from other HB members. Stay caffeinated my friends.


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Reintroduction. In terms of coffee/espresso forums, forums in general have been "off line" for a few years. Need for info regarding a quality single dose grinder brought me back online at least to this site. Forgot the password. email address associated with this site is long gone. So had to register again. Still pulling shots on the ?'01 MCal. Retired the PV2. Just purchased a Flair 58.
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I took delivery of a Profitec Pro 800 earlier in the week. I'm already loving it and I'm happy to have joined the ranks curmudgeonly lever users. :P

My wife and I are in the middle of a little kitchen renovation and we decided to upgrade the espresso machine and grinder in the process (I've had a E61 HX and Mazzer Mini for about 15 years). At first, I was looking at something along the lines of a Vivaldi II or a Dream - plumbed and easy-peasy volumetric. I honestly have *no* idea of how I made the jump from there to a lever, but here we are. Although the "new" 800 will be shipping shortly, we were impatient and decided to take advantage of additional discounts on the "old" model.

I'm really looking forward to getting it plumbed and drained in the coming weeks - it's already so much more quiet and polite than the ol' E61, but almost complete silence, along with not having to fuss with filling the reservoir or dumping the tray, will be wonderful.

In-the-cup, it's been a nice improvement and I'm already finding that I'll have to revisit a bunch of roasters and beans that I'd previously written off (I was never terribly thrilled with my results from roasts that are lighter than traditional). I'm really looking forward to that and further exploration. Oh, and the steam? Goodness - so much better, too.

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Bought a used Elektra Microcasa in December 2020 to use alongside my Pavoni/Gaggia Factory and realised the Pavoni had just gathered dust since then. The Elektra delivers the most consistent shots and is so easy to maintain, compared to the Pavoni. Paired with Kinu 47 traveller grinder, perfect for my 3 shots a day!


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Made the switch to a Profitec Pro 800 about 1 month ago-coming from a Bianca which I loved but which was hard to get serviced locally - had wanted an 800 when I got the Bianca but the house we were in at the time would not support the height of the lever - have been very pleased with the quality of the build and the smoothness of the shots - tend to like Medium roasts so expect that the 800 and the MC3 will (hopefully) be good for the next decade or so....
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