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#2331: Post by athoangphan »

I started my lever journey with an LP Europiccola which I ended up letting go after finding an LP Pro. A year later I found myself bidding on ebay and winning an LP Stradivari, but my most recent acquired lever is a 1 group Gaggia Orione which I am looking forward to restoring.


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I bought an LP Europiccola about a year ago. I'm currently grinding with Kinu m47 Phoenix. This forum has been a source for essential information while finding my way around the (still quite difficult) ways of the LP.


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#2333: Post by Frenchman »

Shortly after I moved to the USA, I joined a startup company, and one day, our CTO showed up with an Elektra lever. He bought it because he liked espresso and loved the look. None of us managed to make a decent cup of coffee with it (somehow only doing trial and error and not having any guidance). Nearly twenty five years later, I pre-ordered an Odyssey lever and this time I intend to learn well (both as a spring and a manual lever). Levers are beautiful and intriguing, and I look forward to the learning process (with a LMLM as a backup for those days where nothing else will go well).

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LMWDP #712