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#2321: Post by drgary »

Jake, I knew it was only a matter of time. :lol:

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#2322: Post by Jake_G »


Thanks Jonathan, and Gary, to this day the only shot I've ever pulled on a lever was on your Prestina! :shock:

That should change by this weekend when I pull down, and dress up the Cremina with some fresh seals.

I might need to turn myself a funnel, as well. I think I have some brass stock of roughly the right size. :twisted:
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#2323: Post by LObin »

49mm baskets and funnels go together like flip-flops and a pair of white socks (when you're 16 years old that is).

Not sure why I chose that analogy but yeah, you'll definitely want a funnel!

A deeper basket than the stock double is also a great addition to the Cremina group. Oh and a puck screen...

Alright alright. I'm done!

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#2324: Post by YeetSkeeterson »

I really can't imagine using anything but levers having started with the Flair which I sold, then Robot, tried out the Flair PRO 2 and sold it also...

I'm looking for a new toy to add so the Robot has a companion. I can't afford any of those crazy $3,000 grinders to go with my new toy, I'll be sticking with my Kinu 47 for the ultimate manual experience.

Any recommendations for a new lever machine? I also get option paralysis when I start to research. I'm about to try my first lower pressure, shorter time shot on my Robot after watching Hoffman's video.

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#2325: Post by drgary »

So that the thread does not wander off topic, please PM Brandon with any suggestions or wait for him to post the question in the Buying Advice forum.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#2326: Post by jsolanzo »

After about 5 or so years not having a lever machine, I am back!
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#2327: Post by CoffeeMac »

I've been on HB for a few years now. In the beginning I thought this list and use of lever machines was just for a bunch of cranky, old-school curmudgeons not wanting to move into the modern era.

So I happily ignored them and went along my espresso journey:
  • ECM Giotto + Mazzer Mini
  • La Spaziale Vivaldi II + Mazzer Mini
  • La Spaziale Vivaldi II + Mazzer Mini w/Mazzer Major burrs
  • La Spaziale Vivaldi II + Kafatek Monolith Conical
Then the little Cafelat Robot entered the picture. I loved the silence and tactile nature of pulling a shot on the Robot; not to mention the often superior flavor/mouthfeel vs the La Spaz. Soon the Vivaldi was just steaming milk. It wasn't long before the La Spaz was sold and replaced with a Bellman stovetop steamer.

This setup lasted for about 6 months, but then I grew tired of filling and waiting for the water kettle to boil, and for the Bellman to come up to pressure each morning. I wanted something that would preserve the silent process, but eliminate the waiting and perhaps introduce a bit more consistency.

I had been following the Decent for many years after backing the ill-fated ZPM Kickstarter campaign. I noticed that the most popular profiles on the DE1 were levers with declining pressure and temperature profiles. In particular, the Londinium profile was the most-often cited. I figured why get an approximation when I could get the real thing? Despite having a discount available for a DE1 due to my ZPM history, I decided to go a completely different direction.

After a very quick search, I ended up getting a Londinium Compressa. I debated between it and the LR24 with its built-in pump and programmable pre-infusion, but ended up going for the simpler pump-less Compressa as I planned to plumb-in, and didn't want to hear the pump noise every shot nor deal with troubleshooting electronics, apps, WiFi settings, etc. Perhaps I am just becoming a bit of a curmudgeon?

Anyway, I've had the machine about a month now and am loving it. I ended up adding a Shurflo pump/accumulator and pressure regulator to enable the higher (4-6 bar) pre-infusion pressure I've found is needed to tame acidity of light roasts without going to 1:3 or higher brew ratios. At least this pump doesn't activate when you pull a shot, so my silent morning process is preserved.

Compared with my earlier setups, I find that I am exploring a lot broader range of roasts and roasters - I've got Chromatic, Ritual and Verve in the house now, vs. nothing but Redbird Espresso for years prior.

We'll see how long this setup lasts; there is a Max coming early next year but I think the Londinium (and the Robot) will remain for a while.

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#2328: Post by tonejac »

I joined LMWDP (#707) but I haven't yet posted a photo of my set-up.

Here's my equipment list:
  • Olympia Cremina Express in White
  • Smart Espresso Profiler Attachment
  • Niche Zero in White
  • Acaia Lunar Scale in Silver
  • iPhone 7 in White (for pairing with the Scale and the SEP)
  • Dosing Funnel and Distribution Tool from EdekoDesign on Etsy
  • Leveler and Tamper from EscherLabs on Etsy
  • Silicone Bellows from BooshieCreations on Etsy
I'm almost 4 months in a loving every minute of it!
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#2329: Post by italianfiddle »

Thanks to this forum, I've been up and running with a ridiculous yet wonderful combo of a Niche Zero and a '79 La Pavoni EP for just over a month. The shots are happening, and where it goes from here...
soli coffea gloria
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#2330: Post by Bonson »

Fell into the rabbit hole of specialty coffee last March 2020.

I started off with pourover and by September, met the cafelat Robot. By November, it arrived at my doorstep. I don't think I could ask for a better and more capable first espresso machine. It's straightforward yet produces excellent cups. I've probably caught the lever fever as I explore pressure profiling.

Now I'm looking into a Pavoni....... Cheers. May all your pulls be delicious!