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#2231: Post by beer&mathematics »

Very elegant! Welcome!
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#2232: Post by domo »

May I join the Lever Club?

A few years ago i started with a Pavoni Pro and some vintage manuel grinder while i still was a student in Heidelberg. Somehow i managed to fall into this rabbithole... :wink:

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#2233: Post by nirdvorai »

Great collection of vintage home levers!
The faemina is in use?


#2234: Post by domo »

Not yet. Some parts were missing and i had to search for a while. I hope the Faemina will be working at the end of the year.


#2235: Post by vdublove37 »

Hello all, can I join?

Also, I am looking for a professional who can restore this '76 Cremina, as it took some cosmetic damage during the shipping. Also there could be internal damage and the asbestos, and I do not have either tools or knowledge to do such a job. I'm located in central Ohio if that's helpful!

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#2236: Post by TomC »

Dominik and Alex, welcome!

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#2237: Post by p0kerface »

This espresso origin story is officially my first post on HB!

First time seeing a lever espresso machine it was gold and had a decorative eagle on it, it was very steampunk! I ask the owner, an antiques dealer friend, about purchasing it and he responds a direct lever machine in need of a rebuild is not a good first machine. Fast forward about 10 years, I'm in Milan where I essentially discover good espresso and down the rabbit hole I go. I start with a 1st gen ROK, a disappointment from beginning to end, and quickly move on to other parts of the specialty coffee world. Soon after giving up on in-home espresso my antiques dealer friend calls me up asking if I'm still interested in lever espresso machines (he remembered from 10 years ago!). Told me he found about an Olympia Cremina at an estate sale for $100, told me it's Swiss-made, told me it's the rolex of home espresso. I told him I'll take it sight-unseen. It's a 67 model made in 83, no asbestos and only needed a basket.

Months of research, emails to Doug and Barb and several orders from OE and naked portafilter and I'm still learning. It's clear I'll have this machine till the end of my days!

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#2238: Post by drgary »

Welcome to H-B, kenjyi. Your antique dealer obviously is a friend. :D Please show us more photos. You might also want to post your Cremina in this thread.

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#2239: Post by fiechtl5 »

Well, after having a few levers (and pump machines, shh) over the past couple of years, I think I have finally settled on a setup I am going to stick with.

Have enjoyed a robot, cremina, faemina, caravel, and flair but none of them hit the sweet sport for me until this beast came along.

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#2240: Post by FotonDrv »

That looks fine, hopefully the shots are as good. Any rubbing or squeaking from the spring? It is a single spring isn't it?
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