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Postby FotonDrv » Oct 21, 2018, 3:09 pm

Yep, we have a 2 Grp Astoria at the cafe at the end of our block. They need a larger machine because they cannot keep up with the needed flow of traffic.
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Postby LBIespresso » Oct 21, 2018, 6:16 pm

BaristaBob wrote:Thanks Tom!

Never seen anything that retro here in the States at a cafe. Quite impressive IMO.

There is a place near me with great food that has one. Definitely not a place to get espresso, sadly. I have been very clear with the owner that they should not ever sell that machine without talking to me first!
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Postby N6GQ » Oct 28, 2018, 12:54 pm

cccpu wrote:So, I got into coffee probably like most people brewing at home: the french press and a whirly blade "grinder". After getting into researching hot drinks through the Chinese tea world of Pu'er, I delved back into coffee again after a long absence. The drinking of Pu'er opened me up to the idea that an "unadulterated" substance, in that case, the tea leaf, could have a variation of flavor simply by merit of where it was grown and how it was processed... something I didn't realize was also appreciated in the coffee world, having previously only knowing "coffee" from the likes of Starbucks.

I was first introduced to some home roasted natural process Ethiopian coffee by a friend, and must admit was initially turned off to what I perceived as a "rotten meat" "fermented" sweetness that I had never before experienced and could not wrap my mind around at the time... it was only after going to another roaster coffee shop and "giving it another try," this time brewed in an Aeropress and described as having a "blueberry fruitiness" that my eyes were opened and my mind was blown by what could be done with just processing and roasting alone!

From there I fell down the rabbit hole, going from Hario V60s to the Aeropress, and then finally meeting a Barista that introduced me to the world of espresso. If it weren't for that introduction, I doubt I would be where I am today, a Sette 270 + Flair for the office with plans on moving up from there, and a Strietman ES2 + Pharos for my home set up... I think I am just starting to see where things can go from here with the Strega's, and Londinium's gleaming off on the distant horizons...

Its funny that you mention the fine Chinese teas, those were what originally opened my eyes to things possible with water over organic fruits and leaves. That was many years ago and you made me again think of Pu'er and wanting to find some good quality tea - I imagine now with the advent of the Internet I should be able to find some great tea - it was 30+ years ago when I ventured into a dark tea shop in San Francisco to find the original cakes that looked like they had been dredged out of the sewer :mrgreen:

Today I am in this world being an amateur coffee roaster and a lever brewer, after doing all the introductory things (Gaggia Classic, then to an HX, before landing on a spring lever) - and so I must also join LMWDP I see...? Hmm :twisted:
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Postby LongLineSkinner » Nov 01, 2018, 7:37 pm

OK, I'm the greenest of the green, I throw myself at your feet and grovel in subservience!

I have an ROK on order, will arrive any day now. I swear on my yet-to-die mother's future grave that the amount of time between my signing the Fedex receipt and a lever-pulled espresso will be limited to the amount needed to heat the water to 195 deg. I might keep a kettle on low all day just in case.

I offer up this as your humble servant: ROK Coffee presents "fitting ConKit" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPImufDIazo
ROK seems to have devised a retrofit that solves some temp stability and pneumatic damping issues, and WLL stocks them as "ROK-REFURBKITV2", cost $29. They confirmed that it is the new upgrade, not the old refurb kit (confirmed by email today with "Jesse").

My goal is to graduate to a 2 group PVL as soon as practicable. My eventual goal is to take my PVL and ROK to South America on a converted school bus cum adventure RV, and the PVL suits my needs as it is less complicated (no pump) and looks nice to boot (in seksy red!).

Please allow me to join your ranks, I pledge to convert the heathen by cup or by sword!

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Postby IamOiman » Nov 02, 2018, 7:00 am

LongLineSkinner wrote:Please allow me to join your ranks, I pledge to convert the heathen by cup or by sword!

I, as the second newest member of LMWDP, herby grant thee permission to join these hallowed ranks and welcome you to the dark side! :lol:

I have not tried the ROK but I've heard some positive vibes from it. Hope you enjoy your purchase!
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Postby N6GQ » Nov 02, 2018, 5:18 pm

ImageGreetings, I am LMWDP #614, happy to be here.

I've been an avid coffee person for many years, the last 5 or so have been more interesting though as I started down the rabbithole of espresso, espresso machines, grinders, roasting and all the other little avenues that act as wonderful distractions along the road of life.

Lately life has been more challenging. My mother passed away in January of head and neck cancer. This happened while my marriage of 21 years was coming to an end. If that wasn't difficult enough, shortly after my mother passed away I learned that I, too, had head and neck cancer (not genetic as far as we know). My mom's was due to metastasized sun damage on her lip, mine was a result of HPV+ cancer at the rear of my tongue that metastasized to my lymph nodes. So my life sort of really unraveled in front of my eyes over a very short period of time. I'm 50 years old, have always been healthy, take good care of myself, live a very clean lifestyle, and by all measures should be the last one to get cancer. As we probably have all learned by those close to us, cancer is indiscriminate and often not very compassionate about its targets. I quickly formulated a plan and moved to Texas (home of MD Anderson Cancer Center) from California, bought a house, and went through cancer treatment while starting virtually all parts of my life over again.

Fast forward a few months later - I'm now finished with treatment. My house is coming together nicely, and I am now a happy lever owner alongside a lovely Monolith Flat SSP. These are gifts to myself for getting through some tough times in life and reasons to stick around a bit longer and keep fighting.

So witness a few new friends on my counter: Londinium R, Kafatek Monolith Flat with SSP upgrade, and all sorts of other little toys to go with them. I only hope my barista skills can match the goods in my kitchen :mrgreen:

If there's anything I'd like to impart to my HB friends who have helped me along the way, its that this HPV+ head and neck cancer is hitting us hard. Its said that its the cancer that middle aged healthy men that have never smoked get. That's me - never smoked, rarely drank beyond appreciation of fine beers and Scotch in moderation, and working out to a fault. Now, PLEASE READ THIS AND TAKE HEART: If you are a middle aged healthy man, and you develop anything odd in your neck/throat area and it doesn't resolve within a few weeks - GET IT CHECKED! In my case, it was a small swollen lymph node on one side that swelled up and after 3 months I had it checked - and it was stage IV metastatic cancer. Guys - LISTEN! Take this seriously - its an up and coming epidemic and we're all potential targets. Please, please, please, get yourselves checked out if you fit this picture - it may save your life. My prognosis is good because I found it early and it appears to have cooperated with a very aggressive treatment - time will tell but my doctors are encouraged.

Looking forward to many more years of lever action!

Jeff in Fort Worth, TX - if you're around me, look me up and lets share some espresso!
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Postby braxtonjens » Nov 02, 2018, 6:19 pm


Hi there,
My name is Braxton, and I have been into coffee for the last 4 years.
I found a La Pavoni at a yard sale on the side of Hwy 395 in Carson City Nv.
It was labeled $30 bucks. I offered the guy $20 because that's all I had in my wallet. The guy said no, they sell for a couple hundred bucks online. So pull my phone out while I sit in my car, and look up this La Pavoni, and I see the new ones selling for upwards of $800. I pop down to the gas station and get bam ash back and I go home with this machine I know nothing about!

From there I began to research and learn about this machine from a stance of knowing almost nothing about coffee.
This was one of the things that spurred my into specialty coffee. Since then I have had 3 pump espresso machines, I have aLa Pavoni Zip grinder, a OE Lido E grinder, most of the out over a around, and a vacuum pot.
I love some pout over, and espresso from a pump machine.
But I'll never leave lever espresso behind.
It is like driving a stick shift car, there's just something about it!

Without finding this little espresso machine for sale a few years ago I don't know if I would be this far down the rabbit hole!
“Coffee is always a good idea”
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Postby KrustyTheClown » Nov 26, 2018, 10:27 am

Fellow Leverheads!

I couldn't be more ecstatic to find and join such a motley crew!

My quest to find the finest espresso has certainly taken the circuitous route, but here I am.
Years ago as an Army helicopter pilot, I traveled the world, seeking the quintessential drink for my cigar habit on Uncle Sam's dime...
I found that drink while stationed in Europe for 5+ years, and coupled my cigar experiences with fantastic espresso from superlative coffee in Germany and Italy.

After leaving the military, I thought I would never again find that fantastic coffee... until a couple years ago I found my way to Hector Luis Prieto's Finca Quemado de Rubi (San Juan y Martinez, Cuba).

There, on his small farm in Pinar del Rio, he served the most fantastic strong, bracing, farm-grown, farm-roasted coffee, along with his divine farm-rolled puros. I've been back to Finca Hector Luis 3 times now in the last couple years, and it only gets better each time!

So here I am... in search of that fantastic coffee and espresso to make in my own home, embarking on the quest to discover (again) the perfect drinks to pair with my perfect cigars! Similar to learning how to fly, I've started with the tempermental La Pavoni Pro and 2018 HG-One... and have begun my journey to tame the beast!

I'm in the market now for a bosco or londinium, and look forward to the new adventures that await!


Postby bettysnephew » Nov 26, 2018, 10:54 am

Welcome to the rabbit hole KTC!

Whichever spring lever you choose, I think you will be happy. I went the Bosco route and do not regret the extra expense but that might not work for everyone. Being single and retired does have some advantages when it comes to allocating funds.
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Postby Chert » Nov 26, 2018, 11:48 am

N6GQ wrote:<image> I quickly formulated a plan and moved to Texas (home of MD Anderson Cancer Center) from California, bought a house, and went through cancer treatment while starting virtually all parts of my life over again.

Fast forward a few months later - I'm now finished with treatment. My house is coming together nicely, and I am now a happy lever owner alongside a lovely Monolith Flat SSP. These are gifts to myself for getting through some tough times in life and reasons to stick around a bit longer and keep fighting.

Such an experience gives perspective that one would rather gain an easier way. I wish you well and I'm sorry you had to go through that during a rough time of your life. The team at MD Anderson is really great and now the Houston coffee scene is much better than it was in 2009, when I was down there for treatment.
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