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Phaelon56 wrote:Do they use the lever machine? There's a nice lever machine in their Mint Building location in SF but whenever I've been in there it wasn't in use.
Yes - I think the lever at Blue Bottle is for their SO espresso of the day, if offered (though I could be wrong - it's been a few months since my last time there). Speaking of Blue Bottle SF, I did have lever shots at their stand outside of the Ferry Building (4 group lever) and inside of the building (2 group Idro).
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This is my friend's cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. He uses a Bosco 2 groups, with Anfim Super Caimano. This cafe is called, Rumba Chacha. Decorated in vintage style with collectible items.


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Where is the Bangkok coffee shop? I visit Bangkok occasionally and would love to have a decent espresso. A competent lever operator is a major plus.




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Just went to Boston stoker in Dayton OH and was surprised to find a 3group Victoria arduino, naked portafilters, and a mahlkonig grinder!! Pics and a tasting report to follow.

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On a recent trip to San Francisco (son's college graduation and general touristing), I blundered upon a lever machine in operation on the top floor of the Museum of Modern Art, in what I believe they call the Roof Garden Cafe. In keeping with the theme of modernity, it is a Kees machine. Being already overcaffeinated at the time, I didn't sample the wares.

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Awesome, more reason for me to visit MOMA next time I'm up there!
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In New York's Upper West Side, there is a new kosher dairy resaurant call Noi Due with two, two group Boscos. The owner is Italian and knows the folks in Napoli who make the machines.
My iPod photo didn't come out due to low light; seen one Bosco...

The food was very good across the table with a party of six. The espresso wasn't very interesting. I thought the machine was set to high. The place is worth a try even for the non-kosher diner.
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