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#541: Post by coffeecircus »

Replica Pistone : new lever machine from VBM. Same group as Bosco, Mirage, and Fiorenzato. Equipped with my favorite E61 steamvalve.

Boiler plate, easy to clean inside. 4000W heating elements.

HX machine. On the right side of the boiler where the pump usually be on normal Replica, now empty.

Will hook it up soon.


#542: Post by coffeecircus »

some more photos of the VBM's take on spring lever machine. This is the cylinder's sleeve. Look similar to others that has the same group, but with slightly more lubrication. :twisted:

VBM employs 2 springs. It seems a lot heavier to pull.

What is the benefit of 2 springs? Higher initial pressure?

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#543: Post by Carneiro »

It's hard to design a spring that has a long travel and is powerful without entering the danger zone... Probably that's why some machines use 2 springs (the Bezzera new Strega seems to use 2 springs).


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#544: Post by leicaism »

Just received my first commercial espresso machine, FAEMA Marte 2 groups... Respect this legend design :D


#545: Post by 13thfloorelevators »

congrats on the marte, a real historical machine! looks like its in great shape...can u post more pictures and in colour?

LMWDP #281

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#546: Post by leicaism »

yes.. the machine is in great shape and working condition..

More color photos:

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#547: Post by galumay »

Awesome looking machine!
LMWDP #322 i started with nothing.........i still have most of it.

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#548: Post by Whale »

Wow!! :shock:

This is one of the most beautiful I ever saw!!! I am :mrgreen: with envy!

LMWDP #330

Be thankful for the small mercies in life.

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#549: Post by michaelbenis »

Adding my voice to the chorus of admiration.... Fantastic! Are the shots as beautiful as the machine?
LMWDP No. 237

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#550: Post by SlowRain »

Okay, I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of knobby handles, but that thing is just gorgeous. Congratulations!