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18 months of non stop use .
Still running strong.

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Gave my Silvia to friends of mine...

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I don't have a good thread to post besides here on my fancy new tables I got for my workshop. I had various crates for over four years as my work surfaces, and I finally decided to part with them after purchasing some used Uline packing tables and adding caster wheels on all three of them. This allows me to move around projects very easily without lifting heavy machines (although the tables themselves were a b*tch to move downstairs via the cellar door as they weigh 150lb each). They have little locks to secure the tables in their spots if necessary too.

With the new casters, tables, and shipment this was a circa 1k investment. The tables themselves were pretty cheap actually for their capacity, but I had to pay $100 for assistance moving them since I have no vehicle big enough for the 60x30x36 in volume they take up. The caster wheels were around $77 per set with their legs, cross bar, and casters + $60 shipping.

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Nice! Looks like you have a few nice projects going on in there too!

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This thread is pure lever espresso porn... :lol: I love it!!

One thing I am insanely jealous about is some of the space you all have for your espresso machines and preparing your liquid delights. My dear wife gives me a little corner of the very large kitchen she has to fit my coffee machine and one small espresso machine. All the other things have to get tucked away someplace. I get she wants order, but.... :)

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Welcome to HB John

Well, just give her the choice of some counter space for your espresso dream machine - or it's a Tri-Ex 'Sky-Needle' with a 75-meter beam! (Hi-Hi) :mrgreen:
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Ha-Ha.... she once told me I could put up any antenna as long as it doesn't make the house look "ugly". :lol:

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I realised I never posted mine.

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