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#3441: Post by IamOiman »

drgary wrote: What's the multi-layered drink you created, and how do you keep the layers cleanly separate while pulling a shot into them?
It's a pistachio liquer that is super thick, so it easily separates from the espresso. The drink looks cool but it's really bitter without sugar.
chopinhauer wrote: is your daily driver still the Bosco?
The San Marco 69 mentioned above is the daily driver. I will likely use the Urania next
Using a spice grinder violates the Geneva Convention
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#3442: Post by Amberale »

It would appear that I like fork handles.
New kit from Gabor @ Naked Portafilters.

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#3443: Post by Splatcat »

I've been lusting after that Vostok handle. Does anyone make aftermarket forked handles ?


#3444: Post by Amberale »

I'm pretty sure that it is a LaSanMarco standard part.
ACS sells it as an alternative.
Gabor makes/made the one for the Strietman.


#3445: Post by Satchmo780 »

Amberale wrote:It would appear that I like fork handles.
New kit from Gabor @ Naked Portafilters.


No no no.

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#3446: Post by Amberale »

Satchmo780 wrote: No no no.

Four candles
I wasn't sure if the Two Ronnies would translate over here. ;)


#3447: Post by Utking »

My two europiccola's!

The left one is a 1989 model, and the right one is a 1985!

I also I have a fiorenzato f64 Evo grinder not seen in this photo. I'm using a bellow hooper on the grinder, and retention is then pretty good!


#3448: Post by Honeycomb »

Well, I guess all roads lead to lever :wink:

Just pulled my first shots from the vectis and am already off to a great start. Looking forward to many years of great espresso from it!


#3449: Post by Splatcat »

Loving my 1st lever as well. Surprisingly, the sound the coffee makes hitting the cup is my favorite part.
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#3450: Post by GioTheDrfiter »

My first lever, tiny beauty, Vectis,