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redOct wrote:image
[While in Venice, we commissioned an artist to create a classic Renaissance design Venetian Majolica (glazed clay pottery).
That is super cool.

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redOct wrote:image
While in Venice, we commissioned an artist to create a classic Renaissance design Venetian Majolica (glazed clay pottery).Some damage occurred while I was descaling few years ago.
That's a really clever idea!

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turboyeast wrote:I finished restoring this Mercurio a while ago, but forgot to share eyecandy.
I see where the Lambro got it's labels from!

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New family member in red.


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My latest addition, Europiccola V1.4, joins my La Peppina and LP Eurobar!

Needs a new heating element, a rewire and a drip tray. Otherwise in overall good condition!

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I love the patina on that one.

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I got two more tables this week that I ordered from a local carpenter a few months ago, and as a result the dining table is fully empty for the first time in over a year! I'm still using my San Marco 69 as it's a cool machine and I do really enjoy the grouphead and the espresso. Besides the Eurobar I have not purchased any machines so far this year as I focus on some issues on machines I already have (like the President boiler issue and Lambro fitting issue). However I'm always keeping my eye out for something interesting if anyone has a lead :D

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You are only allowed to sit on one side of the table, so the coffee machines can be properly admired!
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#3439: Post by drgary »

Ryan, my wife said to me long ago, "where is this coffee hobby going anyway"?

It goes where it goes, and I'm dazzled by your machines, the decor around them, especially the Gaggia with glass ears sprouting from the lamp behind it, and the drinks you can make.

What's the multi-layered drink you created, and how do you keep the layers cleanly separate while pulling a shot into them?

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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Amazing! Maltoni comes to America.

Ryan, with all those lovingly reassembled beauties at your disposal, is your daily driver still the Bosco?
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