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#3201: Post by mathof »

What is the white box beneath the scales?

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#3202: Post by redbone » replying to mathof »

That's the E37Z-Hero grinder controller box. https://www.ceado.com/en/product/78.html
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#3203: Post by mathof » replying to redbone »

Thanks. That never occurred to me.


#3204: Post by mwynne »

New house, new kitchen paint, newly powdercoated red base... Totally unnecessary, but it was fun. Was also a good opportunity to do a complete tear down, inspection, and rebuild. Some custom woodwork is slowly in the works as well - glamour shots once that's done (and I figure out a good coffee station arrangement).

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#3205: Post by bcrdukes »

Red base? I see a Cremina in the near future! :mrgreen:
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#3206: Post by pcdawson »

Nice! How do you like the Ceado Hero grinder! Another interesting single dose grinder that I wish James Hoffmann had included in his most recent review.


#3207: Post by mwynne »

bcrdukes wrote:Red base? I see a Cremina in the near future! :mrgreen:
Oh I would *love* to add a Cremina (particularly a spring lever so I can have options), if I could find one in budget or in need of restoration!
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#3208: Post by Nick111 »

Happy colors and well coordinated.The base is a beauty.Perhaps in desperate need of a sticker logo.
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#3209: Post by mwynne »

I actually have something special planned for the logo...
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#3210: Post by Sarel.wagner »

My happy lil corner of the World.
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