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miab wrote:Amore portafilter

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Espresso-Machin ... ect=mobile

Here is one that I don't think the seller sold. Try to contact them. She mislabeled it la pavoni.
Wow! It worked! Got in touch with the seller, confirmed correct dimensions, and I bought it - shipping today. Many thanks! May karma be with you...
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HB's a great place isn't it!

That's a lot of exposed brass. I would strongly consider converting it to bottomless...

Please keep us updated on the evolution of your custom machine!

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TheTodfather wrote:Hey all,

I haven't been through all 299 pages (only most of them; some lovely machines!) however thought I'd add some pics of my fantastic little Gaggia Spirio. The model is best known for its matching grinders silver screen appearance in 007's "Live and Let Die", where James Bond pours M the worst cup of coffee (from a Pavoni) to ever be handed to a guest.

The pictures with its blue side covers are from when i first bought the machine. Needed a rebuild and unfortunately the front cover was irreparable - so I built a new one from copper (SS in the right grade wasn't available to me at the time). A friend also made up some Wenge side covers and I added a PID for temp control (arguably not necessary on a dipper..). I have it apart again at the moment for a service. I'll take some more pics to add soon.



Wonderful job, Tod!! I wish Gaggia will bring back production of Gaggia Spirio. Not only it is a beauty, but also seems like the perfect size for any kitchen.
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Thanks Javier. Yeah I love the little Gaggia. Can't wait to get it back on the bench. The little MaxiMatic is filling the gap until then.


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Breve wrote:image

I modified a junker Cappuccino Amore purchased off eBay. I started and stopped this project half a dozen times... the machine is finally done, but I am still missing one very critical component. I can't find a portafilter to save my life!

Does anyone have any leads to a Cappuccino Amore portafilter? Basket diameter is 55mm.
Cannot help with your portafilter search but absolutely love the look of that lever, great job.


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Oh how I've missed this thread. Really made my Saturday afternoon with some of these latest postings.

Okay, y'all ... it's getting serious with the Velox. Got word from David that the faceplate made it back in one piece from the chrome guy. Its getting pretty exciting to see a horizon on big guy becoming my daily driver.

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doubleOsoul wrote:Okay, y'all ... it's getting serious with the Velox.
It's always a serious affair when dealing with antique lever espresso, or at least it should be...

Are you waiting for the Velox to ask you out for dinner or will you strike first :lol: ?
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Ha! I think I asked it out first when it got ripped out of an old train in Italy. We're in discussions about how to hang the lever so I'm hoping we can get a chunk of olive wood to attach on the back.

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I completed the rebuild of my spare LP.

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