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Time for some refurbishing

levers levers levers, is there any other way?


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My local neighborhood cafe's 3 group Londinium this morning. The place is passionate in roasting and providing a traditional North Italian flavor profile. The table next to us conversing in Italian only helped to complete the atmosphere.



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There steam/valves and wenge handles and are in need of some urgent maintenance... bring them some tung oil next time you go!
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I've updated and rotated a few things :mrgreen:

74 LP Europiccola (Gen-1)
78 LP Europiccola (Gen-2)
83 Olympia Cremina
Apollo Grinder
Hive Roaster

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First restoration went well! The 1979 Gaggia Tell will compliment my Eureka grinder very nicely! It took some effort but in the end it paid off. The baskets and portafilters are a little scuffed but they still work nicely. I will also need a different table as this current one is very sketchy when holding 200+ lbs of stuff.
I'll throw my portafilter in the ring
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#2976: Post by Nick111 »

That is Tremendous!
Very clean restore.Not into restoring but I always liked this machine.
I have been following your posts ever since the first Bosco pictures.


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This use to be our dining room.
My new to me KvdW Indro doesn't look as big when placed next to a North 1K!

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EddyQ wrote:This use to be our dining room.
Gorgeous setup!

What did the divorce cost you? :mrgreen:
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BaristaBoy E61 wrote:What did the divorce cost you? :mrgreen:
This was my wife's idea. Back in the early 60's when the house was built, it was a porch. Someone before we bought the house converted it to living space. It never quite worked out as a dining room due to narrow width and my wife hated it. We remodeled the original dining room to function as it should (took walls down and opened up to kitchen). Now, I have this coffee room off the kitchen. I must admit, it is very nice spot to roast.

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EddyQ wrote:My new to me KvdW Indro doesn't look as big when placed next to a North 1K!
Nice roaster ... how about more beauty shots of the Idrocompresso! :lol:

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!