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Soon it will be a New York City skyline!
That grinder decimates the beans.


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doubleOsoul wrote:#354 has finally snagged a lever that has been on my radar longer than any, the Faema Velox: a beast in the vintage Faema line.
Congrats for this find, it is such a beauty 8)
have you made it work already ?

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Thank you. I look at it every day - sounds sick but its true ha ha ha! I would love to say yes or that it is at least on the bench getting some TLC but the bench is full. I have a Zacconi getting work done and then there's some drama (or was) with my Elektra Mini Verticale which will have a thread at some point. It had been literally dropped on its head by the movers and had a surprise or 2 more once it was figured out how to straighten the base.

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LM LEVA Snapshots of an exhibition - Cosmos Coffee - German Museum/Munich


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Thanks for that Gabor!

I felt a bit 'dirty' watching it...if anything is coffeeporn...that Leva is it! :oops:

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I am finally back in the US! I arrived six days ago but I only was able to go up to my storage unit and retrieve my espresso equipment used in college yesterday. It about an hour drive from where I live, and I was presenting my senior project to my advisor where my stuff was located so it was very convenient for me to get both of them knocked out at once. I needed to change the Elektra gaskets and had to leave my Eureka due to its size (I could only fit so much in my car) so I brought back my trusty Lido E. The final countdown for my Bosco has started, probably to arrive within two weeks! I am currently helping my family repaint and recarpet the house, so the MCAL will be well used during that time :wink:

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Welcome home!
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Looks like it was time for some machine maintenance.

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and I was presenting my senior project to my advisor where my stuff was located so it was very convenient for me to get both of them knocked out at once.
As someone who advises and examines a number of senior projects each year, I can suggest that you continue to give equal weight to academic and lever pursuits - the two are far from incompatible, and for many they are mutually-dependent. My Exports have stood me in good stead as office mates these 15 years, from PhD student to senior researcher. I can't tell you how much I value the calm, 10-minute espresso pause I take two times a day - the backbone of the workday really. Each experience a little Torna a Surriento, a moment of reflection and revitalization.

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It's been a while since I last posted but I figured I'd put this up since I have 2 machines I'm wrenching on for the summer. The orange Cremina will eventually find it's way home to James Freeman :) I'll be sure to update with more photos, one it's all tested and dialed in!


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