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redbone wrote:Zacconi riviera eagle Chrome + Ascaso i-Steel 54mm Flat Burr


Just purchased the grinder. Still toying with optimal grind setting. Going to have to get me some cheap coffee just for grind dialing in. :wink:
Call me vain wanted a matching look to the machine/grinder and the Ascaso fit the bill and produces a good grind with this machine.
Just make sure by cheap you still mean fresh roasted quality espresso blend.
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There is a blend I can get with Robusta vs the all Arabica bean version. I would not be consuming it beyond a taste. Mostly for initial grind sizeing to establish timing and liquid volume of spring lever from bottom to upper raised position.
I don't do well with Robusta beans as the added caffeine has an effect on me.
Hate to throw out good arabica just for testing purposes.
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Look at what showed up this morning... What a great way to start off the week!

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ALL of those showed up this week? You are going to have to take a couple of weeks off work just to play coffee. :D
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What is the tiny square machine next to the Sama Lusso?

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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#2356: Post by crazy4espresso » replying to drgary »

Looks like a Spanish made Campeona; and is that a Sama or the Bezzera?

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That is a Campeona Modelo 5. One of the more rare machines that I have come across.

The machine is actually and Ater Family, although they are pretty much identical.

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I find it amusing that it arrived with the lever handle and side handle in the wrong spot!


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Just purchased my first lever 8) 8)

I am beyond excited! I have to wait a month to receive it but I think it will be well worth the wait!! Just wanted to post my excitement here and get excited about becoming g a member of the LMWDP.

Some of you might remember the machine from this thread Customized Vintage Astoria Lever!
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VAM and Caravel

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