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#2121: Post by kaldi61 »

Welcome Petrus, Lovely machine. There's something about those 1974s.

Eric is right - the 2nd machine is very important, as a 'parts' machine.

At least that's what I'm going to tell my wife when my 2nd Gilda arrives! In my case it really is a parts machine, H-Bers may remember it from Nelson's post - has wacky replacement lever and someone put a pop-off drip tube coming off the boiler. At least it has original PF (which I needed) but sadly no drip tray.

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#2122: Post by doubleOsoul »

rittem1 wrote:I think there is some rule against only having one lever but she may not fall for that...they rarely do. Great looking '74.
I'm starting to feel special. lol.

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#2123: Post by Sansibar99 »

please enter:

FAEMA Leverland ... :mrgreen:

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#2124: Post by TomC »

My jaw is somewhere on the floor. We'll done!
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#2125: Post by zeb »

Nice setup Holger ;)

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#2126: Post by Javier »

Sansibar99 wrote: FAEMA Leverland ... :mrgreen:
Yes...but where is the Faema Velox... :roll: ? Just kidding! You have an amazing collection of Faema machines :D !!!!
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#2127: Post by spressomon »

We are traveling and I was tiring of the dance necessary to relieve our morning cappuccino fix each day with my Portaspresso PG set-up (capable of wonderful espresso but the air up step apart of the workflow, pre-heating the unit and then needing a Bellman steamer for frothing adds considerable time to make even 3-4 capps each morning...). While staying in Sacramento I was surprised to discover, after doing a quick internet search for Ponte Vecchio Export machines in the USA, a local dealer listed the PVE as one of many machines they stock for resale!

The dealer and roaster is Vaneli's in Rocklin, just a quick 10-mile drive from where we are staying. A phone call verified they had one Ponte Vecchio Export left in stock and that was all it took to inspire us for the short drive. The unit was a demo model with one small spot showing brass through missing chrome...along with the usual tell tale signs of minor use: Espresso residue here and there...no biggy.

They offered a fair discount for the demo unit along with throwing in a bag of their freshly roasted beans (Espresso Forte; a black & tan roast), a nice tamper, milk frothing cup along
with the funnel and spoon/tamper from PV.

Their staff were very welcoming and informative. This morning I pulled the first 1/2 dozen shots using the 2 pull method with 14 grams of Noble Pompadour beans I picked up at Noble in Ashland Oregon two days ago while in route to Sacramento. Using my VDD/spressoFAB Pharos I was able, in just a few test shots, get very rich, sweet and delicious espresso this morning! The Noble beans BTW are worthy!

Although my Londinium LI has nothing to worry about the Ponte Vecchio Export will bring much joy to us when traveling when we have 110v availability!

Special thanks to @peacecup for all his posts and PM replies about the Export!

Apologies for the lengthy post within the "Gallery"...mods please move it if you see fit.

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#2128: Post by crazy4espresso »

Very nice acquisition Dan. I'm currently restoring an Export and was already a fan of those groups, which are exactly the same as the old Zacconi Rivieras. In fact, it's been a bit of a Riviera extravaganza lately, and here are two more examples that I restored for some customers. Faema used to distribute Rivieras around these parts, but now they are all orphaned, as nobody is around to service them....except, as of late, yours truly :D
These, along with the Export, make a fantastic shot of espresso.

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#2129: Post by peacecup »

Although my Londinium LI has nothing to worry about
Don't be so sure :D... you may find those little 20g PV espressos grow on you. In point of fact, a larger machine is really better as a daily driver at home. Even the little (compared to the L1) Lusso is a step up from the Export in the kitchen. But the Export does pack a punch far beyond its footprint and price.

And that really is a lovely pair of Zacconis...so many machines so little time...

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#2130: Post by crazy4espresso »

A 2000 La Pavoni Europiccola breathes new life. This machine had twice gone to a "service center" and came back leaking so badly that the base was rusting out. Someone had placed a new element seal right over the old crusted one. The plastic flange was cracked so I upgraded to the brass one. Also upgraded the cheesy plastic sight glass nuts to chromed metal. I'm really pleased with the outcome.

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