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guiny wrote:For me, it's useful because I am trying to reproduce a lever shot with a pump machine with flow control. Here is the profile without flow control.
That makes sense.

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This is not the proper way to show a profile, but since when do I manage proper?

The orange line is flow (ml/sec). When 1.5 bar ( blue line) pre-infusion is measured, we move on to pressure hold at 3.5 bar until 1g coffee is in the cup, then the Decent lever ramps pressure up yto 7 bar and starts to decline at 15 g beverage weight. This Pharos grind was a bit finer than this decaf needed to give me a 1:2 ratio by 40 sec so I stopped the shot 15 g in 20 g out. A nice after dinner chocolatey decaf doppio, which pulled quicker and longer may have been more caramel like from the EG-1, but this has a nice lingering bitterness I enjoy.

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CoffeeMac wrote:Here is the flow profile for this morning's shot on my Londinium Compressa (Northbound American Beauty, "2" on Monolith Conical, 4 bar PI, 18g in, 36g out).

I have the app, but not the sensor so I don't have pressure data. For this shot I did retard the lever a bit at the beginning to let the bottom of the basket fully bead up before fully releasing for full pressure. I usually aim for about 1 g/s flow, so may need to tighten the grind a bit next time.

Londinium Compressa
I noticed you've also used a Cafelat Robot. I have a robot I've been using for a little over a year, how do the shots from the Compressa compare? Sorry, I just realized I already asked you that question in another thread :oops:

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I have not used the app, I don't currently have a compatible scale, though that may change as they improve smart scale compatibility.

I do think the app would be helpful for manual levers if it is profiling the flow realtime, it could help you match the profile of a previous shot you pulled that you happen to really like.

With spring levers and the pressure sensor, I suppose its also a useful diagnostic tool in that you can see your spring weakening over time and be ready to replace it before your coffee starts suffering.
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Would like to see Londinium R24 profile.

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LR24 flow profile would basically be the same as the Compressa above, with some variability based on PI pressure setting, whether lever was retarded, and the grind/dose/basket in use. The group/spring/piston/lever/water flow is the same between the two machines. Compressa just has the tank, pre-infusion pump and assocoated electronics removed.

Pressure profile would be difficult. I added an analog gauge to the group neck cap so I could see pressure in the piston for the first part of the shot, until the piston covers the holes about half way down. You'd have to do something like drill a hole in the piston head and insert a pressure sensor there to profile the tail of the shot. For what it's with, I may end up removing the gauge I installed as I find that it doesn't really influence how I pull my shot.

I basically leave the lever down until I get the first drops in the cup (10-15 sec typ), then slowly release the lever, retarding it until the entire bottom of the basket is flowing nicely (3-5 sec typ). This really is the source of the "forgiving" nature of levers - you directly control the flow during critical phases, addressing any puck prep issues in real time. Even gusher shots can largely be recovered; in the 6 months or so since I got the Compressa I've never had to dump a shot in the sink.
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