Lever bearing type for LSM group?

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#1: Post by cedar »

Nuova Ricambi lists two kinds of lever bearings for the LSM lever group here:


The first has 10 roller bearings in a cage:

The second 18 free-floating rollers:

The SproParts page indicates the former is made by SM

DVG and CafeParts only list the latter

Does anyone know which would be better to use?

cheers, Stephen

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#2: Post by Paul_Pratt »

I don't think it matters for performance as they are hardly high rpm parts. There are however differences between the original LSM groups and the modern clones. I know the prices are crazy for LSM parts compared with the clones but it is worth going original if you have an LSM group. That may not apply to a simple part such as a bearing but something to be wary of.

Unless you have lost some of the needles, you can rebuild the originals and re-grease them, I do that all the time.

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#3: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Yes, original LSM groups.

That all makes sense. Thanks kindly Paul.

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#4: Post by ira »

In theory more rollers means the bearing can support higher loads and better cages means the bearing can sustain higher speeds. In this application the loose rollers would theoretically be the better choice but it probably doesn't matter here.

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thanks ira

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#6: Post by civ »

ira wrote: ... more rollers means the bearing can support higher loads ...
Quite so.

The load is what matters here.
The floating rollers would be the best choice.



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#7: Post by espressotime »

I use the one with the free rollers on my Pompei.Can't imagine these kind of needle bearings ever to brake down on you.I replaced mine by a new one which was totally unnecessary

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#8: Post by cedar (original poster) »

thanks everyone for the advice