Lever arm won't stay up

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#1: Post by tusker123 »

I recently rebuilt my La Pavoni Professional and found that the lever arm slowly falls to the down position after lifting. Does this mean I have an improper seal somewhere? The lever does stay upright after the preinfusion.

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#2: Post by mrgnomer »

My Cremina 67 and LaPavoni Europiccola both have no springs. The normal lever position is down. Only after using them and they're turned off for a bit I think a vacuum develops and the levers creep up and they only do that when the piston seals and chamber are fairly clean and lubed.
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#3: Post by bakafish »

Nothing wrong. Instead, like mrgnomer said, it means the piston seal and chamber are clean and lubed very well if there is no leak.

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#4: Post by yakster »

It's rare that they stay up. You'll see this if you have freshly replaced the gaskets and it makes a good seal, but normally the lever will relax into the down position.

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