Lapera DS second edition update

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Thomas added some major new details about the second edition in his blog today. We're starting to see what the price increase from the first edition can bring, e.g., 316 stainless steel instead of 304.

ETA: Other changes and the build process are on IG at: Some of the other changes mentioned on IG so far:
- revised mounts for steam and hot water valves (also sent to first edition owners)
- better finishing for components like the group top plate
- stainless steel castings replacing some chromed bronze castings and chromed steel parts.

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Super interesting.

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Ditto & thanks Craig for posting about it!
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What a ride the Lapera development has been. Not often do we get to have such an intimate view into the development of machine such as this. Thanks for sharing the link! I hope this gives the machine a bit more exposure.

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Making the HX and test fitting:

... and in case you wanted to compare, here's what the first edition flange looks like:
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