La Peppina brewing temperature

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I am currently using La Pavoni pre-mill for over a year, regarding temp I am measuring it on the group head.
I also a new owner of a La Peppina, I read that some people are measuring the temp inside the boiler instead.. I am not sure about the logic behind it.
I was thinking I need to wait until I will get a boiling water, than flush the grouphead to get the temp I desire (on the grouphead) and than insert the portafilter, am I wrong?

Thank you!

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I usually bring it to a boil, lock the portafilter, shut the element off and pull the shot as soon as the bubbles stop. I find the group head comes up to temp as soon as the water boils.

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thanks for the response,
do you actually measure the temp of the GH or you just wait for the bubbles to stop and you pull a shot

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The La Peppina is an open boiler which makes it easy to measure the actual water temperature inside the kettle. Typically we measure the group head temperature of closed boiler machines because the water in the boiler will be at a higher temperature but with the La Peppina which has a light-weight aluminum group the temperature in the boiler will be very close to the temperature of the water when it reaches the group.

When I started with my La Peppina, I had it hooked up to a PID and I would bring the water just up to the temperature desired. I realized that as long as I filled the boiler at least half-way full that the temperature was pretty stable and I replaced the PID with just a ThermoPop thermometer stuck down though the lid and I would turn on the boiler until I reached the temperature I desired.

I never bothered with flushes to warm up the group, but I would do some partial pumps when pulling doubles until I felt resistance and waited for a 10 count for pre-infusion and then pulling the lever down to pull the shot. For singles, I didn't bother with any pre-infusion.

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I filmed this a couple years ago:
I always do a few warming flushes to get the whole group and portafilter up to temp.
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