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kropoffee wrote:I gotta throw my peppina in here 8)

That's one sexy La Peppina!
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kropoffee wrote:I gotta throw my peppina in here 8)
Lovely! You ever get tired of it let me know. :D


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I guess the powers that be wanted me to get my Peppina working again, because out of the blue a coworker brought me a bag of hairbender to work today. So for the first time since before covid I pulled some shots on my office Pharos/Peppina combo. Turned out pretty good, especially since I just guessed on the grind. After sitting for so long the flapper valves aren't quite working the way they are supposed to on the Peppina, it takes a long time for the cylinder to fill with water. I am hoping if I just pump more water through it it will start to behave better. I was able to make it work regardless though.

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I removed the front screw from the group and squirt water in to help prime the seals when I haven't used the La Peppina in a long time.

Someone liked a 2016 Insta photo of my spring levers the other day so I thought I'd share the photo here.


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Here are mine: the Faemina is mint and my Pep has some age on it. But both do a great job.