La Pavoni v1.6 (73) sleeve removal

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I just acquired a v1.6 Europiccola (grouphead with removable screen and brass sleeve). According to Francesco Ceccarelli, no special tool is required to remove this brass sleeve, unlike earlier versions where the screen is permanently attached to the sleeve. Coffee-sensor sells a custom sleeve-removal tool for Gen 1 machines, but lists it as good for machines until 1970 (v1.5 and before).

Can anyone with a Gen1 v1.6-1.8 advise on the best way to remove the sleeve? Thanks in advance.

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No special tool is needed to remove the shower screen in gen 1.6 machines. What Francesco is saying is that starting with version 1.6 one does not need to remove the brass sleeve with the special tool - to service the piston seals, rod seal, etc. In prior versions you had to remove the sleeve to be able to get at those seals (because the shower screen was fixed to the brass sleeve).

If you really, really, really need to remove the brass sleeve for some reason, then:

- there is a YouTube video of a home-made tool that I can't find right now, but basically it was a couple of drill bits sandwiched between blocks of wood.

- there is another home-made tool shown in the Building the Ultimate La Pavoni Europiccola thread.

- the Coffee-sensor tool will work, but people break them - you have to use the tool properly, as demonstrated here:

- Orphan Espresso has a tool, but it may need some clearancing to work on your particular machine: ... c_439.html

- Stefano at may also have a tool, maybe even available for rent - you'd have to check with him - I didn't see it on his website.

Good luck!
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Craig, thank you for your very detailed and illuminating response. Francesco's comment now makes sense.

The machine I have has never been serviced since new, and even though it is in good cosmetic shape, I planned on changing out all the elastics in the group, including the one above the brass sleeve.

I can see that even with the right tool, it is a delicate job because of the large amount of torque applied to the two small holes. I will order the tool from coffee-sensor, and proceed with caution.

I did order a set of gaskets for the grouphead from OE as they have the thick shower screen gasket, whereas Francesco sells a round o-ring with a flat shim gasket to go above it.

I'll post some pictures of my progress.