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LObin wrote:What kind of mods do you have in mind???
You can always glue sound proofing panels to the inside of a cardboard box and put it over your Pavoni when it heats up... :shock:

Honestly, like Kaffee Bitte has mentioned previously, the sound will lessen eventually. I paid close attention during warm up this morning and it definitely isn't as loud as it was 5 months ago after converting the HE.
I still remember the first time I fired it up... Pretty sure I remove the base and check if everything was alright underneath. It'll improve overtime... :)
First replacing the heating element with a 800W brass one. If that doesn't help, then installing adjustable power control so that
I can find a good balance between heating up time and the noise.

As far as I know, the noise is caused by the bubbles formed in the boiling process and this is a rather complex process depending on many factor. The main factor is probably the surface temperature of the heating element, so lowering power and using different material might make the difference...

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I just finished replacing the heating element with a brass one and I can tell the difference is day and night.
The machine is basically silent now. :)

I used La Pavoni Puccino 1000W heating element but I believe any brass element of suitable size will do.
The mod is fairly simple. The hardest part was removing the old element from the base and drilling 10mm holes to the base.