La Pavoni Pro sudden frothing problems

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#1: Post by toolate »

20 year user of La Pavoni Pro Pre Millenium.
Went away for a few weeks. Normally i get excellent microfoam. Now I cant get any foam. The milk heats up way too fast and there is little to no froth.
I swapped tips from the three hole (two plugged) to a single hole and the same results. I dont get it. Machine temp is running 190s. Pressure gauge reads normal.



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#2: Post by guijan12 »

Try another can of milk.
It happens, sometimes......


toolate (original poster)

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not the milk as far as I can tell. Any other ideas?

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#4: Post by baldheadracing »

What is the condition of the two little o-rings on the steam valve? (the ones that the steam wand slides over) If an o-ring has a tear or is out of position or hasn't been lubricated lately, then air can sneak in.
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toolate (original poster)

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thanks: i have not changed those o rings in some time. Will do so now and let you know


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Milk heating up too fast and no froth look somewhat contradictory. Does the steam from the tip, when not submerged into the milk, otherwise look as before or there is some visible change (dry / wet / strong / weak / whatever ) ? I suppose you would notice when purging it before steaming

toolate (original poster)

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changed the gaskets; no improvement.
It just seems to put out too much steam/heat now. the milk gets hot in like 15 seconds. not enough time to froth.
there is SOME froth. just very little.

THe pressure gauge is reading nl pressures so i doubt that is broken but just in case i clearned it out.

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#8: Post by guijan12 »

Being long time LPP users, we both know the La Pavoni is not a good steamer.
Low pressure and low output, normally makes frothing milk a task of about 1 minute.

If that has changes overnight/over the weekend, something must be unusual.

I suppose the pressurestat cannot be blocked by scale, increasing the pressure?
Of course you are aware of the normal behavior of your machine, but.... to make sure....


toolate (original poster)

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i cleaned to P stat yesterday. It was already clean looking and as I say the gauge is reading fine and the machine seems to cycle on and off fine.
so odd. Milk gets hot so fast