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Maxwell Mooney

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Another interesting couple of bits- portafilter stud sizes changed at some point. Most of the per-mil machines used an M10 stud, but there are some late 90's that use M12.

Also- my machine, which I believe is around a 1988-89 has a plastic sight glass cover with screws. I have the black frame two switch (though I have an extra white frame switch too). I had the ridges on both my lever handle and my portafilter handle. I have the Bakelite and brass boiler cap (they make them plastic now?!?).

Also- does this look right??

That stamp definitely says 110V 1000W, but this heating element definitely has two elements.
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rpavlis (original poster)

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The portafilters on my 1999 and my 1978 Europiccolas are dramatically different, even though the groups are almost identical. However, I do not ordinarily interchange them. Neither machine is chrome plated.

The 1978 one is made of copper. It is noticibly shorter than the 1999 one, and its bottom is more "rounded". It takes a 10mm threaded rod to connect the handle.

The 1999 one is made of brass. The handle is attached via a 12mm thread.

Portafilter protective lacquer finishes seem to deteriorate very quickly from the steam. I keep mine bare metal. They look very beautiful for a while after being polished, then gradually look worse until I polish them again.