La Pavoni leakage from top of grouphead/ pressure gauge

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I disassembled and reassembled my EA after some shower issues and ever since some water seems to be leaking from between this nut:

I don't think I lost a washer or anything and have tightened the nut to the point I think it would be a bad idea to tighten it any further. Any ideas what might have caused this? I'm not sure if it is affecting the quality of my shots but they seem to have declined too :cry: :cry: :cry:


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I would get some teflon tape and put it on the thread it is leaking from. Are you sure it comes from up there and not from a lower point out of the grouphead?


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^ Agreed.
Either insufficient teflon tape on the PPK threads, and/or a worn shaft gasket.

kunykappy (original poster)

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Thanks for the replies. I haven't seen teflon tape on any thread but can look at getting some

Thread looks like this with temp gauge removed - just wiped off a little gunk that may have been coffee (may have been grease)


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There probably should have been a gasket on top of that bolt. But you can just get teflon tape and put some on the thread of the bolt which will build a sealing. You usually get teflon tape at the same place you get plumbing supplies.


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In this video you can see him apply teflon tape to this thread. You can start watching it from the 40 minute mark ;)

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Thanks for the tip! Will give it a go and report back :D :D


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I haven't worked on that machine, but the threaded connection looks tapered so that it should seal when tightened down (just like common threaded pipe joints). It looks as if the joint may have bottomed, i..e. can't be tightened any more but still leaks, indicating there should be either a gasket (washer) or teflon thread tape to obtain a watertight seal before the threads bottom out. Some joints (e.g. those with flair or other form fit or gasketed sealing surfaces) don't need (and shouldn't use) pipe dope or teflon tape. This looks like a classic tapered thread joint that does.

But I could be mistaken.

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Both ends of that fitting (between the piston rod and the gauge) are secured with thread sealant. You can also use PTFE tape. Be sure to clean off the old thread sealant before applying tape.

Make sure to adjust the lock nut so that the piston does not hit the shower screen, and secure the lock nut with a wrench so that it doesn't turn when tightening the gauge fitting onto it.
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By thread sealant do you mean liquid PTFE?

I do remember some 'crust' coming off but just figured it was dried grease... (does grease dry? :D )