La Pavoni Ideale 1929 - Page 6

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for the hand, either some very nifty hand jigsaw work (gold smiths use them) or find someone with an Electron Discharge Machining head on a DIY CNC machine?
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A little update I have not had much time to spare recently but have done a little bit more work on the gauge. It was a lot more complicated than I thought getting the donor gauge into a different casing. The Wika gauge was far too thick compared with a vintage machine gauge and I had to lose around 25% to the thickness. Anyway I have worked out the details now and it should all look period correct.

I am half way through making the outer case, I should finish that tomorrow.


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Thanks for the thread. So afraid the saga would finish at page 6.

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Paul_Pratt (original poster)

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I did some more work on the gauge, the outer case is now done and I have managed to add the 2 fixing screws on each side. The dial is still a work in progress and not finished. But here is a 1st effort. For the the hand, I am still doing the cad drawing and will try and cut it on my cnc mill.

I am pleased with the gauge, so far so good. I should also say that the Wika donor gauge is absolutely awesome. I have taken it apart countless times, even had the movement spinning (slowly) in my lathe and it is built like a tank. I guess I am just used to the standard espresso machine gauges that break if you even look at them the wrong way. Anyway the gauge is still working well even though by my reckoning I should have killed it several times by now.


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The gauge looks superb. 8)

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Amazing work!

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Amazing machine Paul - as an archaeologist I'm wondering how many of these turn up in historic Italian historic sites : :D

When you get a chance, could you please post a pic that shows the entire machine in the frame?