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kunykappy (original poster)

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So, an update... I had to wait a couple of days for gaskets, grease etc to arrive. Managed to disassemble, clean/ degrease the shower screen, and check if the piston was loose (it didn't seem to be).

I have just reassembled without too much difficulty but it doesn't seem to have made any difference! Does anyone have any other ideas?

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Do a quick measurement and report your flow rate. It may be normal.

if you are comparing yours to videos of pre-millennium machines your flow will be much less forceful. When I measured my millennium EP a while back with an empty basket it delivered 50 ml in 6 seconds with the lever held at the top of the stroke: La Pavoni Europiccola Millenium grouphead volume.
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kunykappy (original poster)

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Thanks @homeburrero

I have just held the lever up for 6 seconds with no portafilter and it has emptied just under 100ml into a beaker.

Funnily enough it does not seem to impact my shots hugely - I am on the whole quite happy with them but it doesn't seem correct that water should only flow out of some of the shower screen holes/ towards the front of the group. Given that it is an IMS screen this is not the intended design as far as I am aware...

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If the pf with your prepared puck are in place and you pull your shot, it is the piston that forces the water through.
Not the water entering the grouphead.
The water hitting some shower screen holes first can maybe disturb the puck, but that's it.
You may notice channeling if that happens.

And since the flow is not fast, it may not even disturb the puck.
Therefore it should not i pact your shot. :D



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I had exactly the same issue ironically after upgrading my showerscreen to IMS which seems to be what you are also using. IMS showerscreen is great for e61 but terrible for La Pavoni!
Here is a video from youtube showing the same problem:

Obviously my advice is to use the stock shower screen if you have it or buy a new one.
Also I personally advize you to either use aeropress paper filter on top of the basket or a lower showerscreen like: ... -pre-mill/

Mine just came in and I am verry pleased with it!

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softice6 wrote:Here is a video from youtube showing the same problem:
Be aware that the machine in that video is a PRE-millennium. The Premil water path is very different and generally has a much more forceful empty-portafilter water flow. And that video to me doesn't demonstrate that one screen is any better than the other. (Skip ahead to 5:30 to see his comparison.)

(Actually there are two types of pre-mil groupheads. One has a single inlet hole and the other has two inlet holes. But both permit a faster initial flow into the chamber than the millennium group, which has a plastic sleeve with a vertical inlet channel and a single small inlet hole.)
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