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After years of practice, I was able to produce the most wonderful microfoam from the stock wand and a single-hole tip. Weirdly, after doing a gasket and seal rebuild, all I can get is soap bubbles (small, but nonetheless...). And... I did nothing to the steam wand. Did the pressure change? I don't know.

I did notice that espressoparts sells a custom foaming wand for the La Pavoni. Has anyone tried it yet? It looks like the pannarello tip used on commercial units. Just wondering if it's worth the $132 USD.

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Can you post a link? I only see wands for Pavoni commercial or pump machines, not the Professional.

Regardless, it isn't obvious to me how changing gaskets would affect steaming - unless you knocked some debris into the steam path?
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Agree with Graig; how can changing gaskets affect your steaming?
Unless something went wrong that affects the steam wand.

You did not change milk, did you?
Or have a bad batch of milk.... :idea:


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Yes, I know that there is no relationship between the seal replacements and the steam wand. I only mentioned it because my inability to create the proper foam occurred after the rebuild. It has to be something in the wand tip. I'll take it off again and have a look.

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Same milk brand for the last 3 years. Fairlife lactose-free whole milk. It's not the milk. It's gotta be something with the single hole nozzle.


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Try purging it longer before steaming (say half minute); maybe it was leaking some steam (an air) before rebuild so it was purging itself ... you can use glass of water for purging and observe size of bubbles

Just guessing ...