La Pavoni Europiccolla pressure relief valve acting up

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Hello friends,
I just acquired a 1978 Europiccolla. I am learning the ropes and learning to use it.
I have an issue with a pressure relief valve.
I heat up the machine on II button setting until a lot of steam comes out of the pressure relief valve.
I then switch it to I position, yet the pressure relief valve keeps spewing out a lot of steam. It looks like a boiling kettle amount of steam and it will not subside, unless I turn the machine completely off.

What is going here?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum, Igor.
It probably needs some TLC.
Take it apart, clean it and check for damage.


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You mean to take the pressure valve apart?

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So I opened up the pressure valve and cleaned everything up. The metal ball, the spring and the inside of the assembly is now extremely clean and free of any obstractions or calcium build up.

It did not make any difference at all.

I still have an enormous amount of steam coming out, like a boiling cattle.

Even after I turn the machine off, the steam keeps coming out for minutes.

What else can it be?

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On a machine without pstat the pressure valve is the only regulator. This is why it has this condensation drip tube around it. Honestly, a hissing pressure valve always makes me nervous too..

You could experiment with different springs, or if you're handy or strapped with cash, fit an adjustable pressure valve.

Or take a countersink and form a new lip for the ball to seal against. It doesnt take much, though, just deburr the existing edge..
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Did you check if the heater is wired correctly? Maybe it's running full steam on both settings of the switch.
Regards, Lasse
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The heater must be wired correctly. As it used to work perfect when I got the machine two weeks ago.
I then descaled the machine as it had some lime scale deposits in the boiler.
This issue started shortly after I descaled the machine.

I am also not clear at all on the procedure that was recommended in the previous message. Is the ball not sealing properly? Do I get a stuffer spring to hold it in place better?

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You could replace the spring.

You could also replace the ball with the newer style of valve and the newer model spring (which go hand in hand).

I'm unsure if they also need to be paired with a new opv body, or if the old one will suffice. I'm considering buying these myself. Id be buying from the coffee sensor website.

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Do NOT get a new style stiffer spring. Your 1978 model is designed to use a weaker spring. The stiff spring (about 6-7 coils) is a high pressure spring that only releases when the pressure is very high and is used on models (Pros and newer EPs) that have pressurestats to maintain proper pressure.

A replacement spring and teflon seal made for your model would be good. It has about 12 coils and releases pressure at the appropriate pressure. The teflon seal is better than the old steel ball - - the ball is a metal against metal seal and if the ball or orifice is a little corroded (not perfectly shiny) it may not seal perfectly.

The newest valve with the anti-vac does require a different valve fitting on the boiler and should only be used on machines that have a pressurestat.

Here's a proper part with good pics and explanations from an HB sponsor: ... uropiccola
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Thanks very much for the suggestion for a Teflon part and spring replacement.
The place you suggested has it out of stock.
Is there another place that sells them?