La Pavoni Europiccola water tank/pressure

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#1: Post by Guyeinan »

I am interested of buying a second hand La Pavoni machine,
And wanted to get some help with identifying if the product is worn out or worth buying.
Please see the attach pic that shows the part of the machine that I am worried about.

Thank you in advance!


#2: Post by jtrops »

The picture shows the water level sight glass. I'm not sure what your wondering about exactly. I will say that regular maintenance like seal/gasket changes are fairly easy on La Pavoni's. I have had mine for 20 years, and never had a problem with leaks in the sight glass.


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Jerry's right, the pic shows the water sight glass that only indicates the water level in the tank. It doesn't indicate pressure, however the pressure gauge add on does sit on top of it.

And it's worth mentioning that as a lever, the boiler pressure doesn't affect brew pressure that's manually applied by the lever. Boiler pressure will affect brew temp (which can then be surfed with group temp) and steam pressure. The EP is also relatively simple and robustly designed, and if there are leaks or maintenance things on a second hand unit, they're pretty straightforward to fix. For comparison, I picked up a used EP about a month ago, and the only maintenance I had to do was some light greasing. Good luck!

Guyeinan (original poster)

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If you can see the top and the bottom has like off color like water has leaking in some way.
I can't see if that's inside or outside, but just wondering if something like that on the machine is reasonable or indication for a known problem.

Thank you!


#5: Post by Marmot »

This is a pretty normal phenomenon on used Pavonis. The problem is that the plastic sight glass cover sometimes has glue at those coloured spots although the tabs on the cover hold it in place without it. The glue then changes colour over time and looks like that. If it annoys you you can replace it with a new plastic cover and clean those spots. It could however be possible that when cleaning it the brass under the chrome will become visible in those spots. This has no effect on the performance of the machine unless there really is a leak from the sight glass. But to me it looks normal.


#6: Post by jtrops »

Yes, I would guess it's the glue problem. I have no idea why they glued them on in the first place since there is a good mechanical connection with the tabs.

I ended up cleaning my glue off (mostly scraping it with a new single edge razor blade), and replacing the sight glass cover. It has been good for the last 10 years. I have had my machine from new, and saw the problem emerge over time. I thought I had a leak at first before I took the sight glass cover off to find the crusty glue.

Guyeinan (original poster)

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Very helpful! Thank you all!