La Pavoni Europiccola thermometer: issue with installation

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I have bought this item here: ... and-diode/

and I want to install it on my La Pavoni Europiccola. The issue I am having is that it comes with a cylindrical shaped probe, but I would like to tape the thing with thermal tape on my group head so that I can read temperature of the group. Surely, taping or "glueing" this on the group head would neither be susceptible to work or be displayable (it would be horrible to look at)...

I understand that this is a thermocouple and that the end of the wire consists of two wires of different material connected together at the end. However, it is trapped in the cylindrical cap and some kind of glue inside seems to keep everything in place. I would like to have some tips on how to convert this cylindrical shape probe to naked wires that I could tape on the group head exactly like this guy did:
If I cut the wire, then I would have to solder the two material back together to make the thermocouple again, but then I don't know how to solder it back together since using some different material to solder it could produce a different voltage on the thermometer's side and then the readings would be false.

Also, if there was another thermocouple I could buy somewhere that was already made to be taped, then I would also like the suggestion.

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Isn't that thermometer the one that fits the heat sink that they sell? Does the thermometer probe have a little cylindrical can on the end?

If so, then a bit of Kapton tape will hold the probe in place on the grouphead. A silicone band will also work, but is perhaps not aesthetically pleasing.

Note that the probe is referred to as a diode, not a thermocouple, so just cutting the wires and welding (not soldering) the wires together won't work.

I believe that the video is using the thermometer kits sold on eBay for Pavoni's. Those kits use a low-profile thermocouple that is held in place with Kapton tape (and then covered with metal tape so the probe isn't as visible. The metal tape also insulates the probe a bit from ambient air flows).
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In addition to what's been mentioned, the wire can be shortened at the case end. Although I did not use this method, the case can be accessed and the wire connections re-soldered once the desired length is achieved.

As for a connecting point, I utilized Sugru to stick the probe to the GH at the point where the flare begins...on the side (not too close to the GH flange). It's been fine for a few years now. The Sugru is somewhat ugly, so I'd opt for the Kapton tape if I were to do it again. And that thermometer could benefit from a "sleep" feature. Since it's always on, the battery doesn't last as long. That said, this is still far superior to the temperature stickers IMO.


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I have a thermometer that uses k-type thermocouples. It is nice if the thermocouple needs replacement, plug and play.

I use an old portafilter gasket to hold the end to the bell of the group. It works great, doesn't look bad, and makes for easy replacement with no mess.