La Pavoni Europiccola - suddenly won't reach high enough temperature

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#1: Post by dualnose »

My La Pavoni Europiccola Millenium suddenly only heats up to about 60 degrees Celsius (151 degrees fahrenheit) before switching off.

In the 4 years I have had it, I have never had this problem. It's probably 15 years old, but is in good shape. I frequently descale. I usually let it heat for 10 minutes, then release steam and some water through the head and waits another 10 minutes before pulling the shot.

After reading similar posts on this forum, I have cleaned the pressurestat and soaked it in vineager/water solution but no effect.

What can I try?

New pressurestat? Something with the safety valve? I have no idea what could be wrong, I have never replaced anything on it except som seals and the bottom base :-).

Thanks in advance. So much great info on here.


#2: Post by Sw1ssdude »

Hm, have you tested if the tube to the pstat is free of scale and debris? I had a plugged tube to a manometer, which started to jump around erratically.

you could also try to reset the pstat. if it turn out to be faulty, just replace it.

(i personally would see if the switch is faulty, and try to fix the pstat. but i really like tinkering on 'lost causes'. its way quicker and cheaper to replace yours. if it were an antique quicksilver pstat or similar, i would definitely try to fix it)
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So do you have the boiler pressure gauge? If not, then I think it might be the pstat gone bad as Nino above advices. They do seem to break after some time, but should be fairly easy to replace and not too costly

dualnose (original poster)

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Thanks a lot. I have tested the pstat by inserting a small stick to activate and deactivate with pressure. If that qualifies as a possitive test I don't know, but I took it to be :-).

How would I test the switch to be faulty? Is there an easy way?

I will probably just replace the pstat. It's likely never been replaced in the 15 years.


#5: Post by LObin »

- When you say that it heats up to 60C and turns off...
Do you mean that the pstat turns off the heating element and starts it's usual ON/OFF cycles or does the machine completely turns OFF (no switch light and no HE)?

- Where do you get 60C? Group temperature (strip or thermometer)? Water temperature? Espresso temperature?

- If the machine heats up normally but shuts off after a few minutes, I'm suspecting the safety thermostat is the culprit. You could also have a short somewhere in the pstat loop.

I always have a few parts on hand for my Pavoni's. I would order an extra safety thermostat and pressurestat just in case. You can find the exact same one or get a MaTer branded one. Not a fan of the Echo/Pavoni ones.
I'd also get some gaskets for future maintenance and a sight glass for an eventual catastrophe.
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dualnose (original poster)

#6: Post by dualnose (original poster) replying to LObin »

Thanks for your reply, and really good questions I should have addressed in the original post.

It Heats up and the starts the on/off maintaining a temperature that results in the water coming being 60 degrees Celsius when measured woth infrared thermometer right after it is in the cup.

The safety thermostat, is that the one attached to the bottom of the boiler? Is it easy to replace or test?


#7: Post by LObin replying to dualnose »

There are many variables that can affect the temperature of the water inside the cup. Too many actually. The best indicator is obviously the water temperature right above the coffee puck during extraction but it's not the easiest to get. Most people will simply read the group temperature with a strip or sensor, positioned above the bell part of the group. Check if this temperature goes up above 90c during and right after a pull.

If I understand correctly, the extraction temperature has suddenly gone down but the machine operates normally, correct? If yes, then it's likely the pstat. Could be adjusted back to a higher pressure or simply need changing.

Do you have a pressure gauge on your Europiccola? It's quite useful when adjusting the pstat.
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dualnose (original poster)

#8: Post by dualnose (original poster) replying to LObin »

Thanks for your reply. You're right, the brewing temperature has suddenly gone down. I actuslly don't know what the temperature I measure would have been before. Just that it is brewing colder.

I don't have a pressure gauge, but I will think about adding one. I will continue to work towards the pstat route.


#9: Post by LObin replying to dualnose »

I would also recomment getting a Flair temp strip or a digital thermometer like this one: ... 637-2357-0

La Pavoni's are amazing machines once you have the temperature figured out. When pulling in the dark, it's quite hard to get a sense of what's going on, or any consistency whatsoever.
As I said before, the espresso temperature inside the cup is not a reliable enough data.

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#10: Post by stefano65 »

The style of pressurestat you have can be adjust BUT and your own risk,
factory places white paint to "lock in the setting" on the plastic gear and you can carefully cut some off from the thread (also plastic) until you get the gear to move,
many times they will crack so again, do so at your own risk or have already eventually need spare pressurestat.
In regard of the pipe, if there is scale, remove pstat flush water and see if flows out nice and clean eventually can air as well will tell you if pipe is clean or not,
in ether case, waiting for the parts to dry will show better then wet.
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