La Pavoni Europiccola success after 30 years.

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Postby Ron » May 16, 2019, 1:52 pm

Back in 1989 I bought a Europiccola at Forzano's in NYC Little Italy. It never gave me consistent results and I eventually sprang for a Magister HX machine. I periodically would try the Pavoni a few times a month but it never came near the results of the Magister. Until this week. Up until now I've been struggling to get the perfect grind, using the same Olympia grinder for the Pavoni that I use for the Magister. And the pull has almost always been too hard or too easy, i.e. the grind too fine or too coarse.

Several days ago I tried something different, which may be of help to some LP users. I tried grinding on my manual Zassenhaus. I had avoided it because the Zass tended to change to a finer and finer setting as I cranked. I started out setting the dial 90 degrees from the tightest setting and it would gradually move from the 6 o'clock position to 3 o'clock. Anyway, I tried it with the Pavoni and this gave me the best results I ever had, with flavor even surpassing the HX machine. I have a pre-millennium machine and dose a bit over 13 grams. The pour starts out as almost all crema and then reduces to around 1/4 or so crema. I never had that result with my old grinding methods. I had something like 5 or 6 consecutive days of this result with two different coffee origins, so I have some reason to hope it will continue.

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Postby guijan12 » May 17, 2019, 3:14 pm

Wow, nice story.
It's a pity you had to wait for 30 years for this result. :)
But still congrats! :D

I suppose you use freshly roasted beans and a good grinder always, since that improves your experience drastically? :P



Postby Spad_VII » Yesterday, 10:05 am

Same experience with my Export as soon as i mated it with the Apollo.
Looks like small levers love to stay along with manual grinders.

Glad to know that I unintentionally landed on the right setup just after two months of ownership!
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Postby Ron » Today, 10:36 am

I roast my own beans. I know the coffee is decent because I have always had very good results with my HX machine. I have two electric grinders--Anfim and Olympia, but my La Pavoni likes the manual Zassenhaus best. I don't regret the time lost on the Pavoni. I always had a second non-manual machine and never missed an espresso. It's just been a challenge to get the same result from the Pavoni that I always get from the Magister HX. That's because the LP is much more fussy about grind than the electric pump machine.