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#11: Post by Eyal »

A couple of weeks ago i bought the stainless steel sleeve from coffee sensor for my beloved post mill europiccola.
Like posted above, this is one of the major upgrades one can make. The pull is as smooth as hell(or as heaven :D ) and i like that the grouphead heats up in a slower pace so i have more control and it reduces the chance that the grouphead will get overheated before i pull my shot. And maybe it sounds silly but the machine feels more solid to me, no more plastic. For me its important :)
Anyway i didnt want to open a new thread but i felt i must share my exprience for other pavoni members out there


#12: Post by LObin »

I can't recommend this modification enough. It's a major upgrade to any post-millenium La Pavoni imo.

I've just finished a 2001 LPP rebuild and have opted for Coffee-sensor's stainless sleeve. Not only is the craftsmanship outstanding but the results in the cup have improved by a margin compared to my pre-millenium LP. Most noticeably when pulling straight espresso, light to medium roasts.

I'm attributing this to the superior heat stability of the gen3 group, and even more so with the upgraded SS sleeve. Much more temp stable during the pull vs the big declining profile of the gen2 49mm group (which is more forgiving though).

This picture speaks by itself...
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