La Pavoni Europiccola sight glass leak

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Hi all

I was wondering if I could get some advice on my europiccola please? During the boil it's begun leaking at the bottom of the water gauge - the sight glass cover itself also seems loose. As it boils it progressively sheds most of the water content onto the desktop. I had the seals replaced this summer so it's hopefully nothing to do with that. Any advice very welcome! Thanks in advance.

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That probably means the lower seal isn't sealing the sight glass against the fitting. Usually because the glass isn't inserted fully. I've had that issue. If the seals are new, then they probably just need adjustment. Try tightening the nuts a bit when the machine is cold.

But its usually best to take the glass out, take the seals out, inspect, then reinstall everything.

A couple tips: make sure the glass is fully inserted. And tighten the bottom nut first, then the top.

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This is exactly the advice I was hoping for. Thanks so much, I'm going to try it in the morning!